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Villa de Zoysa
Villa de Zoysa, Sri Lanka

We believe that a holiday should relax and revive you and have found a beautiful place in Sri Lanka that […]

Advice From The Midwife
Advice From The Midwife

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood tend to raise a lot of questions and worries with soon-to-be and new-mums. We’ve sat down […]

health and fitness myths
Top 5 male health and fitness myths blown out of the water!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate through persuasive myths and facts when it comes to health and fitness. We’re […]

How to Boost your Dating Confidence

Some people enjoy dating, others hate it and some just do it because they feel they have to in order […]

Benefits of Partner Yoga
Benefits of Partner Yoga

Yoga provides you with never ending benefits for both your mind and body but what about Partner Yoga? How will […]

calm Christmas
How to have a calm Christmas

Christmas is definitely an exciting and magical time of the year but it can also be quite stressful and rushed! […]

Yoga Challenge Competition
InstructorLive – The Yoga Challenge Competition WINNER

Thank you very much for all your entries for the InstructorLive Yoga Challenge. We are pleased to announce that the winner is […]

Yin Yoga Poses
Top Five Yin Yoga Poses to do at Home

Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to stimulate the connective tissues of the body. By holding specific poses we increase […]

practice of meditation
Guest Post: Beth Win Talks Meditation

This is our first ‘Guest Post’ by InstructorLive’s Beth Win. Check out Beth’s website: Urban Yoga Monkey and see her in […]

A Beginners Guide to Meditation

When imagining meditation, we often think of a very stereotypical image but this is quite a common misconception. You don’t […]

Beat the Bloat
How to Beat the Bloat

We all know the feeling, we eat a delicious meal and within minutes we begin to expand rapidly like we’re […]

Type of Yoga
Which Type of Yoga is Best for you?

Yoga is thought to have originated over 4,000 years ago somewhere on the Indian continent. Over the years it’s developed […]