About Us

With 800+ workouts, InstructorLive is the #1 platform for the best on-demand classes, motivation, recipes and results.

InstructorLive is unlike any other online fitness platform you’ve experienced. It’s a place to find your happy – we’re all about feeling good from the inside out. It doesn’t have to be too focused on losing a certain amount of weight or looking a certain way. We like to focus on healthy steps in the right direction – challenging yourself each day to do something that’s good for your body, mind and soul.

And because we’re not only about keeping your body moving, we also offer plenty of other ways to look after a healthy mind and nourished body. We have:

Programmes for everybody

With over 800+ workouts, whether you’re just starting out, looking for workouts to maintain a healthy body or want to challenge yourself to the next level, there’s something for everybody.

On-demand classes to suit your lifestyle

Anytime. Anywhere. With InstructorLive, you can attend a class when and where it works for you. Find programmes to suit your goals and tailor your workout schedule to suit your lifestyle.

Personalised nutrition to maximise workouts

We’re here to reinvigorate your attitude towards workouts and nutrition – because when you nourish your body to feel good from the inside out, you maximise your workouts and can achieve the best results.

Ask Austin Live

If you have a question about a workout, need some advice or want to simply find out about our programmes, we have a live feature on InstructorLive called Ask Austin. At any time of the day or night, get in touch with Austin – our resident health and fitness guru – and he’ll be able to help you.

Corporate Partnerships

We work with many businesses across the country to help you keep your teams fit, healthy and happy by offering bespoke packages. With 800+ different workouts ready to stream to any device with an internet connection, InstructorLive provides anytime, anywhere classes that are equally accessible to all members of staff, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, health goals or geographic location. If you would like to find out more about our Corporate Partnerships, please email team@instructorlive.com.

Welcome to InstructorLive.

Let’s energise your body and calm your mind.