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What Is The Flexitarian Diet?

The general consensus, no matter where you look is that a diet high in plant-based foods is good for us.  Some, therefore, choose to eat nothing but plant-based products opting for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, but for others, this is a step they don’t want to make (for many reasons). For these, the flexitarian diet may be right up their street.  In a nutshell, the flexitarian diet is being vegetarian-ish.  It prioritises plant-based foods but gives a little wiggle room on the inclusion of meat products.

Sustainable Weight Loss
Top Diet Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss

Would you be surprised to learn that when we analyse weight loss programmes over time, we find that most people regain the weight they lost?
It’s much better to make lifestyle changes; when and how you eat as well as how you move becomes part of your lifestyle – how you change in shape and size continues alongside this lifestyle. It’s much better to make lifestyle changes; when and how you eat as well as how you move becomes part of your lifestyle – how you change in shape and size continues alongside this lifestyle.

how to grow your muscles
How Do Muscles Grow? 💪

We’re all told to eat protein to build our muscles, but like everything in the human body, it really isn’t that simple.  As they are seemingly a large part of our body and function, it pays to look at them in a little more detail and see if there are lifestyle choices, we can make to nourish them properly. 

digestive health
Promoting Digestive Health

If you spend any time on social media, you’ll have likely come across some top tips to optimise your digestion, but sometimes we forget the basics.  So, we thought we’d go back to school (well, not quite, no one needs those bad hair day reminders) and look at the digestive system in all its glory. We’ll also consider why we should probably pay it a little more attention than we do, and some simple changes we can make to help it run as smoothly as possible. 

Bone and Joint Health
Supporting Good Bone & Joint Health Through Nutrition

Every cell in every body has a job to do. And to do those jobs it needs certain compounds, or more accurately, nutrients. The skeleton is no different. The skeleton is made up of bones and joints, and it is essentially our supporting structure. If we want it to continue to support us well, and keep moving, we need to look after it, and this starts with our nutrition.

Food For Good Mood

You are what you eat! This phrase has dominated the media for decades and it’s true (well, if we were to get technical, you are what you digest and utilise), but each cell in the body has a particular function. Not surprisingly we also have certain cells and chemicals that help us feel and behave.

How to fuel yourself properly on a vegan diet

Adopting a vegan diet can be a challenge for some>  Generally the switch is based on ethical or health reasons, so you know your why, but you wouldn’t be human without wondering if you can truly fuel your lifestyle with this approach.  

5 Infusions to Spruce Up Your Water

It’s no secret that maintaining hydration in the human body is a necessary means for staying alive. Good hydration boasts a variety of health benefits including increased cognitive and physical performance, skin hydration, healthier joints, kidneys and digestive system as well as helping to regulate body temperature and deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to the different parts of the body. 

Losing Belly Fat

Research shows the quality of our gut health can impact digestion, energy levels, sleep quality, skin health, the immune system and even our mood. It’s incredible to think that at one point, we thought the sole responsibility of the gut to be the digestion of food. It breaks down the food and then excretes it. That’s it. Nowadays, we know so much more.