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Book An Online Sports Therapy Consultation

InstructorLive now offers online consultations with our trusted Sports Therapist, Bradley Warren.  Bradley has a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in […]

The Revolution of Online Sports Therapy

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or not, the likelihood of sustaining a physical injury at some point in life, […]

Why You Should Take up Walking

Walking is BRILLIANT for you. And we don’t mean just a casual saunter down the road 😀 We mean a […]

How should my weekly exercise schedule look like?

It’s always good to mix up the type of exercise you do throughout the week. This will help you to […]

What Makes a Mindful Morning Routine

The more you can visualise how you want your morning to look, the better. It REDUCES STRESS, SETS THE TONE […]

Staying Strong As We Age

YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. How many times have you heard that? Well, if we’re privileged enough to have one […]

Burn More Calories

‘Energy in – energy out’. The most basic way to describe weight maintenance. ‘Energy in’ is the energy we put […]

Maintaining A Healthy Heart

There’s no doubt about it, the more mindful we are about living a healthy lifestyle, the more longevity we likely […]

At Home Workout Vs The Gym

Being an online, on-demand, at-home fitness platform, you’d think we would avoid this question. But actually, there’s pros and cons […]