Corporate Wellbeing

Nowadays exercise and wellbeing couldn’t be more important.  As many employees are now working from home they may not be feeling as connected as when they were from working in their office. This can lead to feelings of isolation and impact on their physical and mental health.

Our affordable corporate wellbeing packages accommodate the ever-changing world we are living in. From on-demand classes, to virtual challenges to our online fitness community run by fitness experts, we can help keep your staff fit, healthy and feel connected.

By investing in your employee’s health and wellbeing it will lead to a more motivated and productive team. In turn, they will know that their employer cares about their quality of life.

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Over 800 classes

InstructorLive has over 800+ workouts available on-demand, all your team members need is an internet connection and a personal device.  InstructorLive can be accessed wherever and whenever they are.

Our workouts have been approved by the NHS so you can rest assure that the wellbeing of your staff is in good hands.

Classes include HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Dance, Meditation, Resistance (weights), Low impact exercise, Pre/Post Natal.

We also have workouts specifically designed for certain underlying health conditions such as arthritis and chronic back pain.

Fitness support

Included in the package, members can access a chat feature which allows them to directly contact an instructor with any queries they may have. This is available 24/7. 

We cater for every level of experience and fitness, classes start from an introduction/ beginner level, right through to advanced.

Virtual challenges

Alongside the classes, we also run regular virtual ‘challenge’ events hosted by one of our instructors. These challenges focus on a particular fitness goal and members can book a place within the group. They are designed to encourage and support, allowing  members to share their progress, join live classes and discussions as well as meet like-minded individuals with similar goals.