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Sleep Problems? How to get a great night’s sleep

Everyone wishes that the ‘siesta’ would become a compulsory afternoon activity in Britain but unfortunately we’re still waiting for this […]

Yoga Pose of the Week #4

Beth Win takes us through your fourth yoga pose of the week.

Yoga Pose of the Week #3: Ustransana or ‘Camel Pose’

In the third of our ‘Yoga Pose of the Week’ series, Diego D’Aquino of InstructorLive shows us how to perform […]

How to Gain Body Confidence

It can be very difficult in today’s society to avoid comparing yourself to the images of the airbrushed celebrities that […]

Meet Dada Jyotirupananda: Self-Realisation through Meditation

We are firm believers in the power of meditation, as we have already expressed in this post. And who best to […]

Meet Rosey Feet Reflexology: Alternative Therapies for Everyone

Getting fit and staying healthy is as much about the right frame of mind, as it is about your physical activities. […]

Top 10 Yoga Tips for Beginners

So you’ve finally invested in a sticky yoga mat and are itching to get started with the asanas(sanskrit for body postures). But we know […]

Feed Your Soul With Meditation

Stop. Close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply in a quiet place for five minutes or longer. Don’t think about anything and let your […]

Women and weights

Being a woman with many female friends I know how common it is for us ladies to think that weight […]