Why Should I Try Pilates?

We all know that moving more is good for us, but sometimes knowing the details can help us stay on track.  So, why should you try pilates for health?

Let’s take a look. 

What Is Pilates?

Pilates uses a combination of approximately 50 exercises to create muscular exertion.

The exercises are designed to increase muscle strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and to improve posture and balance.

Pilates has been found to have a number of benefits for health.

Pilates for Back Pain

In 2006, forty-three patients completed a study.  Participants had suffered from nonspecific low back pain for more than three months and performed either usual treatment (Back School) or Pilates exercises. The Pilates group showed better compliance and response to treatment and also demonstrated results which were similar to usual treatment, suggesting that Pilates could be utilised as an alternative approach to treatment for those with chronic low back pain.

Pilates for Fall Prevention 

Twenty-four study participants aged 65 to 81 completed a ten week training program in which they were randomly assigned to a traditional strength plus flexibility group, a Pilates-based-training group and a no exercise control group.

Results of the study indicated that Pilates was effective for improving static or postural balance in elderly adults, suggesting a role for fall prevention.  

Pilates for Improved Strength 

Four recent studies have shown benefits in total strength and three recent studies have shown improvements in lower limb strength from participating in a pilates programme. 

Pilates for Respiratory Health 

Two recent studies report benefits in respiratory strength after participating in a pilates programme. 

Not only that but many studies are highlighting psychological benefits from participating in pilates too!

Pilates is associated with improved:

  • Self-resilience, 
  • Well-being, 
  • Quality of life, 

It also seems that walking ability improves alongside a pilates intervention too.

Additional data has suggested that regularly participating in pilates increases energy levels, social functioning  and overall emotional health.  

All things considered, pilates is beneficial to health and you don’t even have to be an expert to start!

We have a range of pilates programmes for you to try, whether you are a beginner or are coming back after some time away.  

Why don’t you see what pilates can do for your health?

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