Motivation Articles

Top Tips to Overcome Negativity

‘Look on the bright side of life’, ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea.’ And ‘Smile, it could be […]

Dream Big: Why You Should Never Give Up

Do you have a dream? Have a desire, deep inside? Do you yearn to achieve something great? No matter what […]

Get Motivated to Workout!

The cold wintery weather is making it difficult to have a  ‘get up and go’ attitude…more like, ‘put on a […]

Top 7 Tips To Motivate You To Workout!

They say that 80% of motivation is showing up. We can’t agree more. By simply committing and arriving at your […]

Ask Austin: Can I target Fat Loss?

From all the questions I’ve been asked by members, this one would safely be in the top three. “Can I […]

When the weight change isn’t showing up on scale

If you’ve started to work out and feel like you’re really improving your lifestyle and fitness level yet you’re still […]

Don’t Hit The Wall – Conquer It!

So…you’re in the middle of a workout when things start to go sour; uncontrollable negative thoughts flood your mind, your […]

What is motivation and how do we get it?

Motivation can be an incredibly elusive concept to understand, and an even harder state to achieve. So what really is […]


I’ve got that Friday feeling and I just really needed to see some cute animals if I’m honest. I’ve found […]