Every Mind Matters

Everyone can enjoy good health – and we don’t just mean physical health. Good mental health allows us to embrace life and enjoy the journey, but sometimes we need a little support to help navigate our way through, especially during challenging times.

Public Health England’s ‘Better Health Every Mind Matters’ campaign provides expert advice and helpful resources for anybody who needs it. Stress and anxiety can be hard to deal with, and we all experience this at times. So knowing what steps we can take to support our mental health, can help us feel better and stay more in control.

The Mind Plan

With World Mental Health Day just yesterday, why not take a quick 5 question quiz to build a personalised free Mind Plan. The Mind Plan creates a number of suggestions for you to try all based around physical, mental or social activities to help boost mood and lower stress levels. These are great tips and techniques to try and many of which can be implemented into our day. Whenever we feel necessary.

The ‘Better Health Every Mind Matters’ website offers a huge variety of tools and resources to help find what works best for you. And although the causes of our stress may not go away entirely. We can learn to cope better and feel more ‘at ease’ by practising positive habits and exercises.

Instructor Live

At Instructor Live, we also believe in the harmony of wellbeing and know that physical exercise is not only for the body but for the mind too. Being active can release tension and help you feel motivated, often leading to a more positive mindset. Research suggests that exercise can reduce anxiety. Taking part in group activity can be fantastic for improving social confidence as well as boosting our mood.

We are elated to be able to support the campaign. Our 10-minute at-home workouts are ideal for anyone looking to add a little bit more movement to their day and get the body and mind feeling energised. As with the content provided by Public Health England, these 10-minute workouts are available to everyone, and you can also find them within the Mind Plan on the Better Health Every Mind Matters website.


Whether it’s completing a home workout or going for a short walk. Using a combination of techniques to keep active can have a wonderfully positive impact on mental health. However, try not to overlook the importance of rest time! Getting enough downtime and maintaining a routine sleep pattern makes a huge difference in how we feel. Taking the time to relax allows us space for emotional release and improves our overall wellbeing.


For more expert advice and practical tips to look after your mental wellbeing, visit the Better Health Every Mind Matters website.