5 Day Work Yoga (£4.99 p/m)

Join experienced Pilates and Yoga instructor Jade in this 4 week, 5 day work yoga programme. Over the course of this […]

Beditation with Jamie (£4.99 p/m)

Instructor Jamie talks you through a relaxing guided meditation, clearing your mind of distractions and bringing your awareness into the present moment.

Beditation (£4 p/m)

This series of meditation classes have been specially designed to reduce stress, banish negative thoughts and promote a good night’s […]

Asana Mindful Yoga (£4.99 p/m)

In this series of moving meditation yoga classes instructor, Beth will teach you how to feel more present and connected […]

Yogabells (£4 p/m)

Instructor Beth has created this unique series of classes to achieve a full-body workout that will help to strengthen and […]

Daily Yoga Practise (£4 p/m)

In this series of classes, you’ll learn yoga sequences specially tailored for different times of the day: morning, afternoon and […]

The Yoga Challenge (£4 p/m)

Instructor Susan has designed each of the 8 challenges to focus on a different yoga lift. She demonstrates how to […]

Yoga For Better Metabolism (£4 p/m)

These short 20-minute classes have been designed to help you increase your metabolic rate so that during the day you […]

Full Body Stretch (£4 p/m)

Instructor Susan uses her knowledge of yoga and osteopathy to take you to step by step through an excellent deep […]