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Yoga Pose of the Week #2: Arda-Chandrasana or ‘Half Moon’ Pose

In the second of our ‘Yoga Pose of the Week’ series, InstructorLive yoga Instructor Beth Win shows us how to […]

What is motivation and how do we get it?

Motivation can be an incredibly elusive concept to understand, and an even harder state to achieve. So what really is […]

Top Tips to Overcome Negativity

‘Look on the bright side of life’, ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea.’ And ‘Smile, it could be worse’ […]

Conventional vs. Organic – The Facts

Most of us are well aware that conventionally farmed fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides. But does it really […]

The Clean Revolution with Dr Alejandro Junger

Have you heard of the ‘clean’ revolution? ‘Clean’ eating? Or how about ‘clean’ living? For those new-bees to the ‘clean’ […]

Top Tips From the I Quit Sugar Queen!

Are you after some top tips on getting healthy and cutting that all too addictive substance, sugar, out of your […]

Top 5 Healthy Blogs!

Looking for advice on healthy living? Want the latest tips and trends for all things health-related or maybe your just […]

5 Motivational Instagram Accounts

Getting motivated can be difficult and having a browse through some fitness pictures, some healthy recipes and some inspirational images […]

FIRST ENTRY: Fitness Diary of Mum of 3, Linzi Martin

This is an honest, funny and motivational account of InstructorLive customer, Linzi Martin’s journey to get fit whilst looking after […]