Why You Should Take up Walking

Walking is BRILLIANT for you. And we don’t mean just a casual saunter down the road 😀 We mean a good, energising walk, using your arms, and lasting for at least 30 minutes. It is the perfect activity to do alongside your regular exercise and here’s why…

Walking can be done every day if desired. It’s a great way to increase overall well-being, there are no time restrictions (like at a gym or studio), and best of all, IT’S FREE! It also doesn’t require any equipment – unless you fancy strapping a weighted vest on or holding hand weights for a more significant challenge! You can also find rough terrain on a beach or in the countryside, which will add to the difficulty level.

Walking can be done on rest days as well as being the main form of exercise. 

👉  Walking is excellent for CARDIOVASCULAR fitness

👉 It is low-impact and therefore KIND on the JOINTS

👉 It is a low-moderate intensity and therefore GOOD FOR RECOVERY DAYS

👉 In JUST 30 MINUTES you can BURN 100+ calories 

👉 It can reduce body fat

👉 It can improve balance and muscular endurance 

If you can go longer, then do! The longer you go, the more calories you burn and the more benefits you’ll reap. Being outdoors has been a massive game-changer of the last year and so taking the time to plan a walk, solo, with your dog, partner or with a friend is a brilliant way to maintain good mental health. You’ll also get Vitamin D intake if you venture out around midday during those sunnier times. 


Other Considerations



Aiming for 30 minutes ideal, but of course, do as much as feels comfortable. Keep the pace brisk if you’re able to so that your heart rate can elevate a little. If you aren’t sure and have any underlying health conditions, check with a health professional beforehand.



Buy a good pair of walking shoes or trainers. Depending on where you decide to walk may depend on which footwear you choose to go with, but something well fitted, with grip and appropriate flexibility, will make for a comfortable trek. Many running shops offer fitting consultations, and if you’re new to outdoor walking, it’s worth investing in a good pair of shoes and guidance from a knowledgeable salesperson.



Be persistent in warming up and cooling down. An easily forgettable part because we walk around often in life without thought. But if you’re going to make an exercise session out of this, it’s undoubtedly a good idea to include a little bit of warming up and cooling down. The legs especially can get tight, and we have the perfect programme for that with Stretching For Runners.



Make your walk fun and interesting! Listen to a podcast or meet with a friend. Choose a beautiful location and take a camera with you. There are loads of ways to create an enjoyable experience, and the more interesting you make it, the more likely you are to go for longer and thus gain all the benefits.