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Beth Pe Win
One of London’s most-popular yoga teachers, Beth Pe Win trained in New York and has over 14 years’ experience teaching yoga across the world. "MOVE FREELY IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE AND FIND A UNION BETWEEN MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT." With a welcoming and compassionate manner, Beth has a cult-like following because of her unique style and personality. Her passion is to help others...
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Craig Glasgow
Having worked for some of the top gyms across London, Craig also runs his own fitness company, training everyone from post-natal mums to elite models. "MY APPROACH TO EXERCISE IS TO ENSURE YOU ENJOY YOUR SESSIONS WHILST ACHIEVING YOUR FITNESS GOALS." As a people person, Craig is passionate about ensuring his clients enjoy their workouts while achieving results at the same time. With a combination...
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Leigh Linton
An award-winning Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and Body Transformation Specialist, Leigh Linton comes from a dance background and has been working in the fitness industry for over a decade. “ALTHOUGH I THINK EXERCISE IS ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY DAY LIFE, I LOVE TO MAKE IT FUN!” With a passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, Leigh also loves to infuse her other passion...
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Lindsay Jay
An internationally renowned fitness instructor, Lindsay (LJ) specialises in dance fitness, body conditioning and yoga. As well as appearing on Zumba Fitness, The Apprentice, Daybreak, and ITV This Morning, Lindsay also teaches classes across the UK and overseas. "I GET A KICK OUT OF HELPING PEOPLE TO ACHIEVE A FITNESS HIGH, LEAVING MY CLASSES DE-STRESSED AND WITH A SMILE ON THEIR FACE." Lindsay hopes to...
Mum On A Mission: 24-7 (£4.99 p/m)

Kimberly Wyatt (of the Pussycat Dolls) designed this programme with her trainer Glenn Ball after she had a baby last year. […]

Burn More Calories
Drop A Jeans Size

This series of workouts use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to shred body fat and tone your body.

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The Ultimate Shred

The Ultimate Shred is a 12-week weight loss and full-body toning programme.

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Beginners Aerobics

The classes progress in intensity so please complete them in the correct order.

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HIIT For Beginners (£4.99 p/m)

HIIT For Beginners is a life-changing fitness programme designed by our experts to transform your body and have you feeling […]

Introduction To Pilates (£4.99 p/m)

Pilates is an extremely effective way to get a full-body workout without risking injury. By the end of this programme […]

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (£4.99 p/m)

Combining breath and movement to promote a healthy body and mind, this programme consists of eight Vinyasa flow classes by Lindsay. By […]

Legs, Bums and Tums

This series of workouts have been designed to shred fat and tone the muscles in your legs, bum, and stomach.

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help men lose weight

The Ripped programme is designed to help men lose weight and gain a more muscular and toned body.

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