Top 7 Tips To Motivate You To Workout!

They say that 80% of motivation is showing up. We can’t agree more. By simply committing and arriving at your workout you are motivated. But how do we motivate ourselves to work out if we can’t be bothered to show up or get off the couch and put on our exercise clothes?

Simple – follow these great tips and tricks:

1. Plan, plan and plan again!

Schedule your workout so you know exactly when and where you will be working out – plan a workout date with a friend so you can’t back out. Stick your schedule on the fridge and tick off each workout as you complete them. Or mark them as completed on your InstructorLive results page.

2. Treat time!

Set up a plan so that when you reach ‘X’ amount of workouts you reward yourself with a pedicure, massage or a new item of clothing. If you’re in a relationship why not set up a goal with your partner and when you reach your goal your other half has to fulfil a promise. I love the idea of having my partner be my own personal butler for the day, having to make dinner for the week or even required to sit through my top 3 favourite action films. Get creative and you’ll be racing to your next workout!

3. Routine!

If you have a particular workout routine in place it will quickly become second nature, set your exercise clothes out the night before, wake up to your alarm, immediately put your clothes on and start your workout, leaving no time to make up an excuse why you can’t workout!

4. Music!

it’s so simple and so easy but yet again music is the perfect motivator. Before a workout plays your favourite upbeat song and quickly see yourself getting in the mood for exercise.

5. Enter an event.

Having an exercise goal will help motivate you to workout. Try entering a fun run, join a running club or even create a sports day with friends and family! Set the date and you’ll find you’re more inclined to workout knowing there’s something at stake, even if that something is your ego not wanting to lose a race against your friend.

6. Do what you enjoy!

Tired of running laps around the same old park? Try a new type of exercise that you actually enjoy – dance, partner yoga or boxing – are three simple ways you can mix up your exercise routine so you actually look forward to your next workout.

7. Place a motivational photo of your goal somewhere you will see it every day.

On the fridge or on your wardrobe, etc – may this be a constant reminder of what you’re working towards. In the words of Kayne West (well kind-a) ‘be a goal digger’!

We suggest sampling a few of our motivational tricks and tips to see what works best for you! We are all different and our personal motivational forces will come from various sources – I will be personally putting tip 3 to the test, reaching my exercise goal will be even sweeter knowing that my other half will be on dinner duty for an entire week!