Get Motivated to Workout!

The cold wintery weather is making it difficult to have a  ‘get up and go’ attitude…more like, ‘put on a onesie and crawl into bed.’ Getting motivated to workout does often require some effort so we’ve got some tips to help you: 
Change your perspective.

If you lead a bit of a hectic life with work, kids, or both then begin to look at your workouts as some ‘me time’ and as something to enjoy.

Set a goal

We’ve found that people have very different fitness goals whether that’s weight loss, injury prevention or toning up it’s good to have something you want to achieve. With a goal in mind, it’s easier to plan your workouts efficiently and have an end in sight. Some things you may want to consider:
– Fitting into a size smaller jeans
– Feeling great in your bikini on your upcoming holiday
– Running a half marathon/a marathon
– Taking part in a Tough Mudder event
– Managing to finish a difficult InstructorLive class (such as Bikini Body)
Why not take advantage of the goal tracking feature of InstructorLive? You can input your data (height and weight etc) and then see the progress you’re making! The calories you burn in each class are generated (privately) on your profile so you could always set a goal for burning 10,000 calories doing InstructorLive classes!

Keep it varied

Keeping your workouts fun and varied is a great way of tricking yourself into loving exercise and motivating yourself. Why not try something you’ve never done before? Add a Pilates or Yoga class into your workout routine and see if you enjoy it? Being bored is not going to help you remain motivated – so keep it fresh and exciting!

Plan ahead

Forgetting your gym kit is a convenient excuse to miss your workout after work so get organized and pack your bag the night before. Also, plan what days and when you’re going to work out for the following week so that you can plan everything else around this.

Downsize your workout

If you’ve had a long day the last thing that you’re going to want to do is hours of exercise. Why not do a quick 10 minute Body Blast class? This way you will still feel like you’ve accomplished something workout-wise and it won’t have taken too long!