Benefits of Partner Yoga

Yoga provides you with never ending benefits for both your mind and body but what about Partner Yoga? How will this help you and your relationship? Your brand new ‘Partner Yoga’ class with Lindsay Jay and Ivor begins next week and we can’t wait to tell you all the reasons why you should be taking part.

What is Partner Yoga? 

Partner Yoga involves two or more people joining together to deepen their yoga practice and strengthen their relationship. All the moves you will do in Partner Yoga will be mutually beneficial for both of you.

What does Lindsay Jay think are the benefits of Partner Yoga? 

‘Ivor and I love partner yoga as it’s a fun and playful way to connect and build trust with one another. Learning about one another as you synchronise your rhythms, whilst still giving you all the benefits of a regular yoga practice including; strength, flexibility and peace in meditation.’

Let’s delve a little deeper…


Some of us are more comfortable with touch and are more tactile than others, this is completely natural as we all have very different personalities. One of the things that Partner Yoga cultivates is the idea that touch is a natural and normal thing, particularly if you’re practicing with someone you love and care about. It creates an environment where touch is a positive thing and our basic need for touch are met with ease.


Keeping fit does require some motivation and it has been proven that working out with a partner is more fun and therefore you’re more inclined to do it!

Increase in Fitness 

Yoga is beneficial in many ways, for one it increases your fitness. Partner yoga therefore has all the benefits of a traditional yoga practice such as improved fitness and stamina, calms the mind and improves your spiritual connection with the world around you. With a partner you may push yourself even more so and therefore your fitness will also improve.


You rely on your partner to help keep correct body allignment, balance and focus whilst you’re doing various positions, this promotes trust and understanding. You not only have to trust them physically (not to drop you for example!) but you mentally allow yourself to ‘let go’ and surrender yourself more to your partner.


Partner Yoga is a cheeky and fun form of yoga that can help you to relax and have fun with your partner. While being an intimate form of exercise it also promotes feelings of calm and happiness which in turn helps to relieve stress and tension.
Take a sneaky peak at what you can expect in Partner Yoga class in this short preview: