What’s The Best Way To Fuel Your Workout?

During our live classes, people often ask our instructors what, when and how to best fuel their activity. This post will help you find the right fuel for your workouts, both on and off the InsructorLive platform.

Yoga and pilates

You should always leave a few hours between eating and your class, as too much food in your digestive tract will make you uncomfortable. Yoga and Pilates isn’t as big a calorie burner as saying a spin class so you don’t need to fuel up – anything you eat before should be light, healthy and easily digested. Dance class
Depending on the intensity of your class, you may want to fuel up with an oaty cereal bar and one or two oak cakes half an hour before your class. A snack like this will give you the energy you need to push yourself. If it’s a particularly tough class, an isotonic drink sipped throughout will further enhance your performance. However, if your workout is medium or low impact water will suffice.Weight training

During your workout all you will need is to do is to sip plenty of water. As with resistance training, it’s what you eat afterward that’s important. You need protein to rebuild muscles after a workout, a peanut butter sandwich or a handful of nuts can make the perfect post-session snack.

Swim session
Unlike weight training, it’s what you eat before you dive into the pool that’s most important. Protein and carbs will help you to get the most out of your workout. If you’re planning a lunchtime swim, for breakfast eat porridge with banana, milk, and honey, or poached eggs on toast, then have a small snack half an hour before you dive in. A handful of nuts or a granola bar will sustain your blood sugar levels for a good hour or so.


Cycling can be hard work and is a great way to burn calories, so you may want to take an isotonic drink to boost endurance. You may also want to take a cereal bar or banana with you as it will provide a slow-release boost. Afterward, a protein-and-carb-rich recovery drink will help restore energy levels, aid muscle repair and rehydrate you. You can use cyclist-specific ones, but Nesquik, which has both protein and carbs, will also do the trick.