How to avoid Christmas weight gain

It’s the best time of year…there’s parties, presents and plenty of Prosecco …but there’s also an increased waistline to consider. You can still enjoy yourself during the festive season without indulging to excess. Here are some tips to keep your weight gain under control this Christmas:

1. Buying too much food

Stocking your cupboards to the brim full of chocolate, crisps and other snack foods seems to happen more at Christmas than at any other time of the year. The shops are only closed for one day….you won’t starve without all your cupboards overflowing. Purchase only what you need and try to avoid buying big boxes of chocolates (even if they are on offer!) – your guests and relatives will probably be bringing some anyway!

2. Pile your plate with veggies

This Christmas be sure to pile your plate with delicious vegetables and try to not go crazy with the roast potatoes and pigs in blankets…don’t completely deny yourself though.

3. Be Picky

This is the time of year that being picky is tricky as there seems to be more temptation than ever. You can still treat yourself but why not try to treat yourself wisely? For example, choose dark chocolate over normal chocolate and try a drinking soda water instead of a bottle of wine (or at least in between each glass!)

4. Slow down

Enjoy your Christmas meal and take it slowly. You will give your digestive system time to process it and you won’t need to eat as much to feel full.

5. Don’t give up until the New Year

It can be very easy to just give up on eating healthy and exercising until the New Year but if you don’t you will be ahead of the game! Why don’t you start a new family tradition? For example, A long walk after your Christmas dinner.
Don’t go overly crazy on trying to stay super healthy this Christmas, you won’t have much fun if you do that just be aware not to give up on everything you’ve worked hard on all year.