Get Active with Better Health & InstructorLive

Health comes in many forms. It can look, feel and mean something different to everyone. But however we choose to look at it, there’s never been a better time to, get active, make health a priority in life and enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Here at InstructorLive, we are thrilled to continue supporting Better Health’s campaign to help kick start our health to eat better and get more active

To support the Better Health campaign, InstructorLive is offering FREE access to 10 of our beginner’s workout programmes, for three months. This allows anybody new to exercise the opportunity to begin their fitness journey and try the programmes for free first. 

We have put together an exceptional offer for those who would like to go a step further. This offer will give you complete access to InstructorLive and the 800+ classes available to our full members. You will be able to access ALL InstructorLive programmes for half the price. Click here to get 50% off of your annual subscription. For more tools and support to lose weight and get active, visit Better Health.

No matter how big or small, physical activity is an excellent way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Leading an active life goes beyond just the physical benefits; it can lift mood, increase confidence and boost energy levels. And because good physical health can positively impact other areas of our lives, it can help us look after our mental well-being too. 

Creating a healthier life means taking one step at a time towards a realistic goal. Making small, achievable goals is important because it means we can monitor our progress more easily. These smaller steps help us aim towards a bigger goal and can in turn create maintainable healthy habits. This is where Better Health can help.

Better Health offers user-friendly, online tools that enable healthier lifestyle changes. You can access health quizzes, meal plans, calorie-tracking apps and more to help individualise your goals and keep on top of your progress. So whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking or just aiming for a more active way of life, there’s something to help guide you through and create your own path.

All information published is up to date, evidence-based and accessible to all, so you know you’re in safe hands.

If you’re unsure about where to start, please do get in touch! We pride ourselves on being present during your journey. We’re dedicated to helping you get the very best out of your plan. InstructorLive has programmes for beginners through to advance. Our platform also provides exercise for those with health conditions such as osteoporosis and back pain. We also provide chair-based workouts and programmes suitable for seniors.

With the correct guidance, anyone can take positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This is why both InstructorLive and Better Health are here to support you.