Christmas Party Survival Tips

Chrismas parties…where both your dignity and your calorie count goes out the window (clearly speaking from experience with this one!) As well as boosting fitness levels it’s important to support any fitness program with a healthy balanced diet. According to the British Dietetic Association, the average Brit will gain up to half a stone over the Christmas period. It’s not surprising as we celebrate the season with more drinks, more sweets, more canapés, that come January 1st we’re hastily making our fitness resolutions. Keep reading to discover some top tips for remaining healthy during the Christmas party season.

1.  Try to eat a light meal before arriving at the party. This will help avoid targeting the buffet table straight away and help you make healthier choices when faced with those delicious hor oeuvres.

2.  On arrival check out the whole of the buffet table before you begin loading up your plate – that way you can manage your intake and not risk overloading.

3.  One little cocktail sausage can contain over 60 calories. Opt for healthier options such as crudités, turkey, smoked salmon, fresh prawns, and salad.  If you want to treat yourself (it is Christmas after all) to a more high-calorie choice, then set yourself a limit.

4.  Remember that alcohol is calorific – one glass of wine alone amounts to around 240 calories – so best not to overdo it.

5.  Alternate drinks with a glass of water to keep you hydrated or for something sweeter maybe soda water with a dash of cordial.

6.  Avoid alcopops that are filled with sugar and choose cocktails carefully, especially those with syrups, cream, or high-calorie fruit juices.

7. Don’t sit at the end of the buffet table or bar – socialize and work the room, keeping yourself busy and away from further temptation.

8. If it’s a party – dance! It’s a great way to burn off the calories.