5 Motivational Instagram Accounts

Getting motivated can be difficult and having a browse through some fitness pictures. Some healthy recipes and some inspirational images definitely help. We’ve come up with 5 people that we feel are motivational and inspiring. And we would really recommend you follow them on Instagram!


Well…we had to really! Join us on Instagram for plenty of fitness photos, LIVE class shots, recipes, yoga poses and lots of behind the scenes shots.

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is an inspiring woman who set up a clothing company designed to motivate women to live an active lifestyle and promote confidence. The Lorna Jane Instagram account is full of colorful images of fashionable sportswear, fantastic thought-provoking quotes, delicious recipes and an endless supply of motivation. You may find yourself losing a few hours scrolling through this page.

Sweat and Oranges

Sweat and Oranges is an Australian-based company run by two sisters. Jane is a Personal Trainer (and is the Sweat) and Katie is the Nutritionist (and the Orange). They offer great encouragement and real-life advice. Jane has recently had a baby and Instagram has been documenting her road to fitness post-pregnancy which is great to see.

Sassy Ballerina

Saskia Gregson-Williams (or Sassy Ballerina) is in training to become a professional Ballerina. And in her spare time also produces delicious healthy recipes for our friends at Hip and Healthy. So I’m telling you now, the recipes and pictures that Saskia puts on her Instagram are amazing. Hence They make me stop and stare for a good minute. And then wonder how she makes her food look so pretty!


I’ve recently come across gogoraw products on Instagram. And I can’t even tell you how I found them to be honest, but I’m very glad that I did! With their colorful images of healthy raw food with accompanying receipts, it inspires you to get into that kitchen and cook up a nutritious feast. What I really love is that many of the recipes will only take you five minutes to prepare and so proves that a busy schedule is no excuse for poor nutrition.