What To Drink During A Workout?

As we all know it’s very important to drink water, particularly during a workout. But what exactly should we drink during intense exercise? Water is important, but it can be hard to find a drink that will keep us hydrated whilst give you the energy you need, without adding loads of unrefined sugar.
To ensure we take in the right drink we first have to understand what our body needs; when sweating we often lose a lot of electrolytes. Some of the common ones are Sodium & Calcium as well as Potassium. To keep the body balanced you it is, of course, a good idea to replace the electrolytes by drinking a fluid that contains electrolytes but water does not contain electrolytes. Adding to this we also need carbs to refuel & give you energy and proteins that help to repair any damage.


A source that can help you fill up on all of the above is Chi Raw Coconut Water. The taste is incredibly fresh and unique, but what’s more is that this particular coconut water is packed with naturally occurring electrolyte minerals including potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
Chi Raw Coconut Water simply suits an intense workout as it contains a high level of electrolytes as well as provides you the energy you need from its natural sugars. The drink is pink due to active anti-oxidants found within the coconut so a little added bonus is that apart from tasting great and being healthy it also looks fresh and feminine – naturally!

Earlier this week I had a chat with the founder of Chi, who told me that they only use hand-picked young Nam-Hom coconuts and that the coconuts are always harvested at the exact moment of the nutrition peak. The ages or varieties of their coconuts never get mixed to ensure a consistently fresh and pure taste.

Adding extra to the ‘feel-good’ vibe of drinking the Chi Raw Coconut Water is that it’s also sustainable in its production. Chi trades fairly and has a positive environmental impact as they are creating a sustainable balance between farming and wild ecosystems. To further give back Chi Raw Coconut Water also works hand in hand with ‘Drop4Drop.org’ in order to deliver water wells to communities that need it most. Healthy drink with a good conscience; what more could we possibly ask?!
If you want to try out this little wonder of Raw Coconut Water Chi can be found in health stores such as Planet Organic, Whole Foods, and Ocado.
Check out their website or social media pages for more info.