Top Tips For Glowing Summer Skin

The sun is finally out and its time to celebrate by shedding those winter scales and getting glowing skin ready for the beach. To follow on from our, ‘The Smarter Way to a Bikini Body’  post we are now going to give you some of our tips on how to get your skin ready for summer. Being confident in swimwear (and summer outfits  in general) and also in yourself is all about looking and most importantly feeling great – pampering yourself is just one way to help this happen.

  1. Exfoliate from Head to Toe

Did you know that 90% of the dust in your home is dead skin cells? What a lovely thought to begin with!
Your skin sheds at an alarming rate. Quite surprisingly, we shed about 40Ibs of skin in a lifetime. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on this thought though…! If you don’t get rid of this excess skin then it will sit on top of your skin and make you look dull and dry. This is why it’s so important to exfoliate, particularly when there will be a lot more on the show when the sun is out!
There are so many different methods of exfoliation available – scrubs, brushes, lotions, and creams to name a few. If you opt for a scrub, gently rub it all over your body in a circular motion and rinse off. Make sure that you moisturize immediately after you dry off. If you follow these steps then you will definitely see the difference in your skin. It will appear younger and feel much softer!
Remember, freshly exfoliated skin is more susceptible to burning so make sure to use a suncream.
This is a really simple, at-home exfoliator that requires very little ingredients and effort.
1/3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2/3 Sugar
Some Vanilla Extract for Scent

  1. Get a Safe Summer Tan

It is so important to wear SPF when outside in the summer. You can wear suncream under makeup and it doesn’t take long to put some on in the morning before applying your moisturizer.
The sun can be so damaging to your skin. The damage is mainly caused by ultraviolet ray s- both UVA and UVB rays that penetrate deep into the skin and cause skin damage – such as wrinkles and sin damage. In the UK, one 1/10 of us will suffer from skin cancer and there are 100,000 new cases every year.
Steve Richards, director of Macmillan Cancer Support feels the increase in skin cancer is due to people living longer and tans being fashionable. He says that ‘It’s not about scaring people but about taking simple steps to stay safe in the sun.’

  1. Tan from a bottle

There are so many great fake tans on the market that range from cheap to expensive, super dark to a slight hint of tan that sizzling outside in the sun shouldn’t really be a priority anymore. If you aren’t keen on straight fake tan then why don’t you try a moisturizer with an added tint in instead?

  1. Find the right suncream for you!

The only way to pick the right suncream for you is to know your skin type. Take the time to figure out whether your complexion is super-sensitive, acne-prone, flaky or dry and then pick a suncream accordingly. If you are only the use a light lotion, gel or powder and if you have dry skin then use a moisturizing suncream.
If you can’t decide what skin type you are it may be useful to book yourself in for a skin diagnostic facial so that a professional can decide for you!

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your body tends to lose a lot of moisture in the summer, so it’s important to regularly replenish the H20. Drink at least 8,150ml glasses of water a day and your skin will stay soft and moisturized.
Water not only helps you feel fresh but it will also help you wash out lots of toxins.

  1. Summer Make-Up

When the weather is hot (we’re thinking more about during your holiday in Spain than your weekend trip to London) it’s important to make some changes to your make-up. These changes may include a lighter foundation or opting for a tinted moisturizer and a waterproof mascara. It’s best to be as simple as possible when it comes to make-up in the hot weather as no one looks good with a melting foundation face or eyeliner sliding down their eyes!

  1. Don’t forget your feet

It’s amazing how much nicer you feel after a fresh manicure and a foot scrub – your feet have been hibernating in boots for months after all! Get your feet ready for sandals this summer and invest in a pumice stone or diamond file to scrub away flaky skin and follow this with a rich moisturizer. One tip is to slather your feet in your favorite moisturizer and then put some socks on overnight to lock in the moisture even more-so.
Another tip for those toes is to get bold new nail polish. Toenails can be painted a much bolder color than you would usually put on your fingernails.
All these tips will help you to produce beautiful glowing summer skin but don’t forget that eating well, exercising and getting the right amount of sleep are all factors too!