The Smarter Way to YOUR Bikini Body

It’s that time of the year when we all start thinking about the (potentially infamous) words ‘bikini body’. But what do these words really mean to you and how do they make you feel? At InstructorLive we truly believe that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to fitness or personal body image. But the fact is, that ‘Bikini Body’ sometimes gets a bad rap and it’s understandable why. This is why we’d rather say ‘Your Bikini Body’.

Champion your individuality

It’s important to address that when talking about finding YOUR bikini body, it’s based on how you feel and not just how you look. InstructorLive has always championed the fact that everybody is different. Finding what’s right for you and where you feel most confident in yourself is most important. We can not all look the same, and that is a good thing.

At InstructorLive we believe that it is all about being smart with how you exercise, what you eat and your way of thinking. Therefore, we have come up with some pointers that will help you feel confident and healthy this summer but most importantly still feel like YOU.


As well as getting your body physically ready, it’s important to get your mind in a positive place before, during and after. Here are some tips on how to keep focussed and motivated whilst getting into shape.

Focus on what you want to improve

  • Figure out what you would most like to improve on and you can tailor your exercise/nutrition plan ahead of time to help support this. If it’s weight loss, aim to increase your aerobic activity. Aerobics, HIIT or long walks can help. If you’re looking to strengthen and tone your body, try adding resistance training to your week or a few Pilates classes. If you need guidance or advice, Ask Austin on the InstructorLive homepage.
  • Create a calendar once you have decided what you want to improve on. Create a workout plan and healthy eating plan. This will get you into the habit of exercising and creating a routine. Don’t forget to give yourself rest days and also treat yourself when you’ve hit your goals. Think outside the box too – what do you constitute as a treat? A pamper? Some TV? A cup of tea?   A browse around the shops? Some quiet time with a book?

Don’t go overboard

  • Losing too much weight too fast can have adverse effects. You should not cut your calories by more than 500 a day – you don’t want your body going into starvation mode. This can make you crave food and slow your metabolism.
  • Fad diets are an extremely unhealthy option as most of them cut out whole food groups and are almost impossible to maintain long term.
  • It is also important that you don’t work out too much or for too long as it may result in injury – you won’t look good hopping across the beach! Overloading your body with too much exercise too quickly can exhaust the muscles used if they’re not used to it. This can increase your chances of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which may affect your next workout and how efficiently you exercise. You want to increase your load steadily so that you’re not having to take extra time off for recovery which could slow down your whole process.

Take your measurements

  • It’s not necessary to weigh yourself – however, it can be a good indication of progress. Note down your measurements and your weight before you start and if you are going to weigh yourself, do it first thing in the morning after visiting the loo! This is a good idea so you can firstly; decide how much weight you would like to lose and also to keep track of how much weight/how many inches you lose. This can keep you motivated to carry on, but don’t forget that you’re also tracking how you feel physically and mentally throughout. Make note of how you feel or start an exercise journal to track your progress too.

Take a before and after photo

  • The before photo may seem a bit daunting but remember you don’t have to show it to anyone. The after photo will be a great goal to strive towards and something to show yourself what you can achieve.


There are plenty of different types of exercise to do when trying to get ourselves in shape! It is best to combine cardio and toning exercise and aim to do a variety so that you don’t get bored. This way you’re more likely to stick to it.


We know that finding our most optimum bikini body is something that many of us are interested in when summertime comes around again. So to help you achieve this we’ve put together a selection of our top summer suitable programmes, which are good for all levels of fitness.

20-Minute HIIT with Austin.
One of the main features of this class is that it takes advantage of the high calories burned using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These short intense bursts of activity are proven to maximize the number of calories burned, not only during the class but for several houses afterwards as well!

Aerobics Introduction with Carlie

Move your body and burn calories through rhythmic dance-inspired routines. Included in this programme are 10-minute toning sessions to add to the end of your class for an extra muscle toning boost!

Light Resistance HIIT with Leigh

For one of the best online HIIT workouts, this Light Resistant HIIT programme that has been designed to combat the stubborn fat that accumulates around the back and the bra line is your go-to.

Full Body Stretch with Susan

With stretching before and after exercise is just as important as the exercise itself, this Full Body Stretch series of classes has been designed to provide a thorough stretch for your whole body.



Some more great forms of exercise

It is best to do about 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week. Cardio is what burns the inches off your body. Combine cardio with strength training also to tone your muscles.


Is such a brilliant overall-body workout that works all of your major muscle groups as well as burning calories. It also puts very little stress on your body! It has been praised for its cardiovascular health benefits with it working your lungs and heart meaning that you get an excellent workout.


Is an all-over workout, it doesn’t just tone your legs but also your arms and core muscles. It also burns calories which is just what’s needed at this time of year. Start off slowly if you’re not a runner and build it up slowly. Start with walking and running before considering more intense intervals or hill training.


Is a rhythmic activity that involves large muscle groups and has numerous benefits.  Aerobic exercise aids weight loss, increases energy, reduces stress and blood pressure. There is a very good reason why aerobics has been going strong for so long.

Bootcamp-Style Fitness

Isa Bootcamp-style class is great because you can get often a whole-body strength and cardio workout in each one-hour session. Also, the nature of the Bootcamp makes it a perfect way to perform interval training on a regular basis. Join our tough-man instructor Craig for a great workout in his Bootcamp class. He makes exercise fun but also pushes you!

Pilates and Yoga

Both are absolutely fantastic in toning and shaping your body. Pilates and Yoga are great workouts to include in your exercise plan as they are very different from a high-intensity cardio workout and will add a bit of variety!




Leafy greens – These are packed full of nutrients and can also add a bit of volume to your food. Replacing your salad leaves for spinach leaves is a great idea. White Flour Pasta – Easting any product made out of white flour causes blood sugar to spike and then crash –the body recognizes the white flour as sugar and stores it completely.
Peppermint – Great for Bloating and Indigestion Salt – Avoid foods high in salt as it dehydrates you and can make your stomach hold on to water. Being bloated in a bikini is never a good look!
Eggs – Help to build muscle, burn fat and tone physique because of the protein. Caffeine – Try and cut down on the caffeine you consume. Research suggests that high intakes of caffeine make us hungry so we eat more. Plus, caffeine stops nutrients from getting to cells, potentially increasing our risk of cellulite.
Berries – Packed with antioxidants and fibre so they’ll keep you feeling full on fewer calories. Bread – White bread can cause indigestion and a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. It also encourages your body to store fat, especially around the tummy area and can mess with your digestive system.
Grapefruit – High in water content which is good for hydration and also contains plenty of vitamin C which (amongst other things) is great for your skin.
Studies also show that grapefruit may help promote weight loss by reducing insulin levels and boosting your metabolism.
Alcohol – Beer is one of the worst offenders. Beer is extremely high in calories and causes bloating. Alcohol can also slow your ability to burn fat. Just try cutting down and thinking of lower-fat options.
Greek Yogurt – Greek yoghurt works for gluten-free, vegetarian, or diabetic dietary needs, and even those with lactose intolerance may be able to handle yoghurt better than milk. Bacon – Although we all love it, bacon is one of the unhealthiest processed meats to eat due to its high sodium and nitrate contents. Neither makes for a good bikini body!