Meet London Mothers Club

London mums, do you want to socialise and meet mums in your area while having your little ones looked after by professional babysitters? London Mothers Club offers just this! We mentioned London Mothers Club in a previous blog post ‘Exercise for a New and Exhausted Mum’ recommending it as a great way to meet like-minded mums and to get out and socialise.

InstructorLive caught up with Kerrie-Anne Bradley, director of London Mothers Club to find out a bit more about this fantastic company and also how she juggles her busy job, her family and still manages to stay fit!

Hi Kerrie-Anne, please could you tell us a little about what inspired you to set up your company London Mothers Club?

HI! Yes, of course. I was the first of all of my friends to have my baby girl, Ivy, and I really wanted to find some mums to socialise with who liked similar things to me. I thought that if I started a club that involved meeting other mums while also taking part in an activity I would meet like-minded people and have some fun. I was also finding that childcare was a big issue when I wanted to meet friends or get my nails done so this was a big part of the inspiration behind an events club that had on-site professional babysitters.

What locations in London do you hold your events?

London Mothers Club currently holds events in various locations in North London, South East London, South-West London, West London and also Central London.

What can mums expect at your various events?

FUN! As a mum is can be difficult to get some ‘me time’ and so with the bonus of the great babysitters at each event, ‘me time’ is just what mums get. I think it is also quite important to still do the things that you used to do before having a baby so this is a focus of the events. You can also expect to learn some new skills in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

As a mother and business woman, what are your tips for juggling everything?

Don’t panic and prioritise your time. Make time for your family, your work and for yourself. Try and make sure what you are doing is fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. What I find is that if i’m not enjoying something I stop doing it. You only live once!

As a busy mum do you still find time to exercise?

Yes I believe exercise is very important. I find that exercise relaxes me and I really enjoy it. At the moment, I prioritise some form of exercise in the mornings when my baby is napping and then often when she goes to bed of an evening. It depends what kind of day I’ve had!

What is your favourite form or exercise and why?

Pilates is most definitely my favourite form of exercise. I have a bit of an obsession with not slouching and having a good posture which pilates is great for. With practice you also get a strong core which is useful as a mum as you are always lifting. I also find it very relaxing.

What do you think are the benefits of InstructorLive?

InstructorLive gives you the freedom to exercise when and where you want, which is essential for a mum. If you can’t make a live class then you can always just watch one of the archives when it’s convenient for you. There is such a variety of classes too that you will find something that you like. I can combine my pilates with yoga and also some cardio type classes for example. You don’t have to go to a sweaty gym and can do the classes in the comfort of your own home which means childcare is also taken care of.
To find out more about London Mothers Club and see what events are coming up in your area, check out their website.