Top Five Benefits to Using Resistance Bands

In line with our popular class, ‘Pilates with Bands’, with Sam Webster we thought we’d tell you a little more about the benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout. Available from most sports shops, these bands are proving to be a stretchy success in the fitness world! Here are our top five benefits of resistance bands:

  1. Resistance bands offer you an effective workout. They develop muscle tone and help you with balance and coordination.
  2. Resistance bands are affordable (at only around £2 from most sports shops) and convenient. They are great for those who want to exercise at home or on holiday as they are lightweight and easy to pack and store! You don’t have to worry about finding a gym or skipping your regular workout when you’re away – there’s no excuses!
  3. They are suitable for all strength levels – they come in a varity of resistance levels; light medium, heavy and extra heavy. As your strength increases so can your resistance level of band. Whether you are new to exercise or an advance athlete resistance bands can be incorporated into your workout.
  4. You can diversify your workout – doing the same workout every time can get boring. Also, over time your muscles can adapt to our exercise routines. It’s a good idea to mix it up so that your muscles will work in a slightly different way. You can be creative with resistance bands and use them to both strengthen and stretch your muscles.
  5. Injury recovery and prevention – they were first used in sports medicine for injury prevention and recovery. This is because you can use a resistance band to exercise other parts of your body and avoid the injured part! This will help to increase blood circulation and speed up your recovery. Also, when underused muscles are strengthened, this may help to prevent future injuries.

To learn how to incorporate resistance bands into your workout take part in our on demand class – ‘Pilates with Bands‘ with Sam.