Top 5 Festive Fitness Gifts

It can be difficult to know what to get your loved ones this Christmas. If they are a fitness fanatic or you want to encourage them to enjoy fitness, then check out some of our top 5 festive fitness gifts below:
1. FitBit Flex

The founder of InstructorLive, Luke Walker recently treated himself to a FitBit Flex and has great praise for it. When asked for one word to describe this brainy bracelet he said ‘motivating.’ There are quite a few of these fitness tracker devices around at the moment and FitBit Flex is definitely holding its own in terms of its reviews. The five LED lights on the side of the bracelet indicates how many steps you have taken that day and how much more you’ve got to go until you hit your daily goal. It also allows you to track your sleeping patterns. One great feature of the FitBit Flex is that you can connect to your phone via Bluetooth making it easy to read your stats while on the go!

2. Lorna Jane Clothing

Lorna Jane is an Australian brand that has recently come to be available in the UK. Take a peak at some of their clothes, it’s functional and feminine fitness wear that your daughter/wife/friend will love! They also offer a great range of fitness wear that inspires you (all you have to do is look down and read the quote on your top!).

3. Water Bottle

You can get some really pretty water bottles that means no more buying expensive and environmentally unfriendly water bottles. You can hydrate in the gym in a stylish and sustainable way! These bottles are from Water Bobble

4. Yoga Mat

A practical and pretty present. We love this ‘Eco Yoga Mat’ by Sweaty Betty!

5. A Skipping Rope

Who doesn’t love skipping? It bring back fond memories of the school playground and is also an extremely effective workout. Try and skip without stopping for even just a minute and you will notice your heart rate rising and you getting extremely short of breath.
You can get ropes that count the number of skips that you take and record this down for you and you can beat yourself each time!