The Wimbledon Workout

Don’t just sit, get fit while you’re watching the tennis this year. Here at InstructorLive we wanted to get involved with the Wimbledon fever and encourage those watching at home to put down the Pimms and avoid that Wimbledon wobble. There’s no reason to say that while watching the tennis (and the endless shots of The Royal Family/The Beckham’s). That we can’t get our sweat on too.
The rules are simple, every time a certain action happens during a match you perform a certain exercise. For example, when there is a double fault you do 15 jumping jacks. Or when the camera shows strawberries and cream, you do 15 sit ups.
Watch the video below of InstructorLive’s Chloe Redmond to find out a bit more about the ‘Wimbledon Workout’, what the rules involve and how to play along.

The Wimbledon Workout has been featured on Best magazine’s website. .

The Wimbledon Workout In Full:

Let us know how you get on with the Wimbledon Workout!