The Benefits Of Digging Out Your Old Equipment

Do you have a stash of old equipment gathering dust under the bed? Then it’s time to pull them out, dust them off and reap the rewards from reintroducing them into your workout routine.


These heavy little cannon-ball shaped workout tools will help you build strength and get a leaner, tighter figure. Performing kettlebell exercises will help you to improve your posture and will see you burn calories – fast!
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Resistance Bands:

These stretchy little numbers are compact, super cheap (starting from around £2 from sports shops) and literally anyone can use them. Resistance bands will see you strengthening your muscles and improving your balance. To add to this, resistance bands are also commonly used by therapists in the rehabilitation process of sports injury and in exercise therapy. No heavy machinery or equipment needed here, these convenient and lightweight little bands can be taken with you anywhere you go, giving you the ability to workout anywhere, anytime.
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These easy-to-use weights will help you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, will see youburning calories and building muscles. The NHS advises us to give strength training a go as it will help to improve our health and mobility and trainer to the stars and former UK’s Strongest Man,Rob Blakeman says: “Only weight training will improve your shape and give you that Hollywood style tight biceps and buns.” So grab hold of your dumbbells during an aerobics class, take them with you on your next jog through the park or perform simple reps while sitting watching television.