A New Fitness Trend: Aqua Spin

We love a good fitness trend in the InstructorLive office and when we heard about this one we had to tell you all about it. This class takes spinning to a new level, an underwater level.  Aqua spinning was made popular in France and now recently has become a trendy workout in the USA. We are currently trying to come up with ways to incorporate it into our InstructorLive schedule – a bike in a bathtub perhaps?
This underwater workout has been described as restorative, rejuvenating and amazing. The classes still include many of the features of a normal spin class; loud music, dimmed lighting and an instructor at the front shouting quite a lot but the difference is. The bikes are submerged in a swimming pool. Some journalists in America have described this workout as ‘having a little dance party on a bike’. This suggests that they believe it to be a rather easy workout. However, an easier workout or not it does look like lots of fun and something worth trying on a lighter workout day. Here’s hoping we will see some bikes at the bottom of our British swimming pools soon!