5 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands When Exercising

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of exercise equipment that will help you see results and not take up space at home, resistance bands are it.

Perfect for use for people of every age and fitness level, cost-effective, available in varied strengths and easy to carry with you on the go so you can exercise when travelling too, there are so many benefits to adding resistance bands to your workout. Here are five of our favourite benefits of using resistance bands when exercising.

1. Resistance bands add a little challenge to help you see results faster

Available in multiple resistance levels, resistance bands are a great way to add a little extra challenge to your workout so that you work deeper into your muscles and see results faster.

2. Use resistance bands for 1000s of exercises and workout your entire body

Use can add resistance bands to many workout classes and 1000s of simple exercises for an added challenge.

Think squats, bicep curls, leg lifts, an ab workout or more. Simply do a quick Google search and you can find many moves where you can add resistance bands.

The InstructorLive classes that you can add resistance bands to your workout include:

3. Easily exercise on the go

Whether you’re going away for the weekend or staying at a family member’s home, you can fit in a quick workout wherever you are with your resistance bands.

Easily packed into an overnight bag, backpack or even hand bag, you can workout to your favourite InstructorLive class or simply grab your bands and do a few simple moves to keep active.

4. Keep your muscles guessing and your workout effective

When we do the same exercises for a long period of time, our muscles and fitness level tends to adapt and results can plateau. 

Keep your workout effective and challenge your body by adding resistance bands to your workout. Each week you can add in new moves or go up a resistance in the bands to keep pushing your body.

5. Exercise more safely

As it’s hard to get it wrong with resistance bands and there’s no risk of dropping a weight or pulling something with weights that are too heavy, it makes resistance bands a really safe way to add that extra challenge when working out. Even when you’re working out alone at home without a trainer to correct you.