How to Boost your Dating Confidence

Some people enjoy dating, others hate it and some just do it because they feel they have to in order to find ‘the one’. There can be quite a lot of anxiety and expectation surrounding an upcoming date. Here are some top tips to boost your dating confidence in order to relax and enjoy it.

Exercise before a date

Exercising can help to release your anxious energy and calm your mind a little. It also produces ‘feel good’ endorphins and will get you in a good mood for your date. Why not try your ‘Romancercise‘ class with Leigh Linton? It’s designed to help get you into great shape for your date and to feel body confident!

Let go of past relationships

If you’re going on a new date while you’re still thinking about an ex relationship you’re not helping yourself at all. You’re not going to feel confident and positive about a new person in your life if you’re still putting yourself down about past mistakes. It’s easier said than done but try to put your past relationships behind you and go into your date with a fresh and new outlook.

Focus on them during the date

People love talking about themselves! Focus on asking your date interesting questions about their lives, their jobs and familes. You will put them at ease and the concersation will start to flow. It will also make you appear friendly and genuinely interested about them – always good if you’re on a date with someone!

Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact with your date shows you to be a confident individual and the opposite shows you to be insecure and disinterested.You may feel a little uncomfortable at first if you’re nervous but as you get to know them a little more you’ll soon relax.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Whether the date/dates that you go on are positive or negative experiences, consider them to be learning experiences. Remember the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ and if one date doesn’t go as well as you planned, pick yourself up and try again. Remaining positive in the face of awful dates shows great self confidence 🙂