How to Beat the Bloat

We all know the feeling, we eat a delicious meal and within minutes we begin to expand rapidly like we’re ready to give birth to triplets! And this time of year makes it all the more frequent. Stomach bloating has many causes. Generally speaking it causes a swelling and feeling of tightness and extreme fullness in the abdominal area.
There are, however, certain things that you can do to avoid blowing up like a balloon post feed. Of course, if you’re experiencing this bloating often and it’s causing you discomfort we would advise you to seek a medical opinion. Here are some top tips to keep bloating at bay:

  1. Slow down when you’re eating

Eating slowly and chewing fully will help you digest your food better and keep the bloating down. Also, try not to eat while you’re on the go. This often means you rush your meals which will not help you digest food properly. Going for a walk after your meal will also help the process too.

  1. Beware of Sugar Substitutes – especially in an attempt to replace your sweet fix this time of year!

Some artificial sweeteners can cause some people problems. One of these is Sorbitol which isn’t actually digested, it just sits in your digestive system where bacteria feeds on it. This can cause bloating and discomfort.

  1. Fizzy drinks – a popular choice around the festive season

Fizzy drinks can cause trapped gas in your stomach. The carbon dioxide in the drink (even the diet ones) can cause bloating and gas. (Lovely!!)

  1. Watch Your Salt Intake!

You should watch your salt intake for many reasons but in terms of bloating too much salt can prevent the water leaving your body in the way it should. Your cells become full of water and you feel extremely full. After a Chinese takeaway for example, the amount of salt causes you to feel thirsty and full at the same time.

  1. Probiotics

Taking a probiotic supplement can help balance the bacteria in your gut. It’s best to take a supplement over a probiotic drink as these often contain a lot of sugar. You can find supplements in all good health stores and we actually sell some great capsules in the InstructorLive shop!

  1. Sip some Water with Lemon

Lemons are a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative. Sipping on some lemon and warm water can reduce the amount of salt in your body too! Win win.

  1. Yogurt

Many yogurts contain live active cultures which are great for your gut and can improve symptoms of bloating. Add some fruit for an extra sweet and delicious treat.
We hope you’ve found our tips to keep bloating at bay helpful!