5 Secrets to Long and Healthy Hair

Hands up who wants longer hair? It can be a bit of a battle trying to get your hair to grow so keep reading to discover some of the secrets behind luscious long and healthy hair!

How quickly does hair grow? 

The hair on your head grows about six inches per year or half an inch per month on average, you lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day (this isn’t as alarming as it sounds!)

Damage Control

We put a lot of stress on our hair. Make sure to use a heat protection spray if you’re going to apply direct heat to your hair (through using things such as straightners, curlers and hairdryers). The heat can put strain on your hair, causing breakage and even sometimes singing.

Sensible Sleeping

Be aware of your hair when you sleep. It can just be tempting to fall into bed with a top knot on your head (it’s a very attractive look if nothing else). However, this can be thwarting your chances of long and lushious hair. If the band is too tight it can cause your hair to break. This usually results in you going to the hairdressers and returning with much less hair than you’d planned. Also, sleeping with a silk pillow case can also minimise hair breakage as they create less friction (and it’s good for you skin too!)

Cut your Hair Regularly

Now this used to be something that I had to get my head round…you want me to get 2 inches off my hair when i’m trying to grow my hair……how does that work? By getting your haircut you’re not affecting the new growth at your roots you’re just getting rid of the dull and split ends at the bottom. The longer you leave them the more split you’re hair will be and the more you’ll need taken off. Try to get to the hairdressers every 6-8 weeks.

Massage your scalp

When you’re in the shower take some extra time when you’re putting on your shampoo to massage your scalp. This will help to stimulate the blood flow and to help your hair grow faster.

Brushing Your Hair

Brush your hair to help stimulate hair growth to the scalp and it distributes the nutrients to the scalp more evenly.
I was also told by my hairdresser to stand on my head for five minutes every morning and evening but I’ve never fully trusted this advice…feel free to let me know if it works for you though 🙂