Top 5 male health and fitness myths blown out of the water!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate through persuasive myths and facts when it comes to health and fitness. We’re all constantly bombarded with the latest trends and rules that people passionately live by. But with so much information out there, how do we know if what we are reading, hearing or seeing is actually the truth and even more annoyingly, how do we know which statements to cling onto as fact and which ones to kick to the curb as fiction?

We are going to sift through the rubbish and give you the real hardcore fitness facts.

#5 Carbohydrates are the enemy – MYTH!

Completely ignoring carbs will leave you tired, sluggish and it will ultimately affect your performance (and no man in his right might wants to infringe his performance). Enjoy complex carbs at breakfast time or after a workout. Complex carbs are excellent sources of healthy energy for your body.

#4 Chocolate causes acne – MYTH!

Refined sugar and process foods contribute to and have been known to cause acne. Chocolate is not the cause of acne but may be responsible for fat gain.

#3 All saturated fat should be avoided – MYTH!

These days men are trying to completely cut saturated fat out of their diets. Did you know? Small doses of saturated fat can actually help avoid testosterone depletion. Fellas just try and keep your saturated fat intake low, around 15% of your total fat intake.

#2 Extra protein builds more muscle – MYTH!

I hate to break it to you gents but eating your weight in steak, chicken or eggs will not help you grow more muscles but may see you storing fat. However, enjoying the right amount of protein will aid bodybuilding and muscle growth. Guys use your fist as a protein guide – non-workout days = 1 fist of protein, workout days = 2 fists of protein.

#1 Exercise can erase my bad eating – MYTH!

You can’t out-run, out-train and out-do a bad diet. The simple fact is diet and exercise goes hand-in-hand. You can easily wipe out a training session, piling calories back on from a single unhealthy meal choice. It is said that around 80% of what you look like is down to diet!   So do yourself a favour – fuel your body with healthy food!