Our Top 5 Fun Runs

Looking for a fun way to challenge yourself? Have a group of friends that you want to put to the test? Why not participate in one of our top 5 fun runs in the UK. With these runs you can have fun. Get fit (make no mistake for this instance get fit means both getting healthy and looking amazing- bonus!) and both support and promote a positive cause all at the same time – fantastic!!!

Our number one choice goes to: Race for Life.

Sorry boys, this one’s only for the girls. This ladies-only run is organized by Cancer Research UK and all money raised goes towards finding a cure for and fighting against cancer. With over 300 events in the UK this year there is bound to be a Race for Life near you.

We especially like the fact that Race for Life offers both a 5k and a 10k races. Ensuring no matter what your fitness level or age, you can join in. You run, jog or walk throughout the race. As it’s all about getting involved and having fun while raising money for an excellent cause. Seeing as though this run is for cancer. Why not let your inner Barbie out, as many have done in the past, and dress head to toe in pink– it cant get much more girlie than that!
For more information check our Race for Life website here.

Coming in at a close second is Run to the Beat.

Run to the Beat is the perfect race for all of you music lovers out there. Definitely a race that everyone should try at least once. As the name suggests, live DJ’s will be blasting music throughout the entire run to keep you motivated and help you reach the finish line. And let me tell you, the fun doesn’t stop there. When you reach the finish line you will be met by the headline act and with previous years hosting artists like Calvin Harris and Tinie Tempah we are sure you’ll be met with an awesome post-race party. Well that’s if your legs haven’t already turned into jelly. But don’t worry it’s not all about music and partying. Run to the Beat raises money for their official charity Leukemia and Lymphoma Research.

For more information about Run to the Beat check out their website here.

The third fun run is oh so colorful, The Color Run.

Known as the “UK’s happiest and largest run” this one is not to be missed, that’s if you don’t mind be covered in powdered sugar like color.

Participants are encouraged to wear white on race day. As when each kilometer of the 5k run is conquered participants are doused in different colors marking the celebration the four things that are very close to InstructorLive’s heart: healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community.
With several Color Runs being held across the country throughout the year check out their website for more information here.

Our next Fluro choice is The Electric Run.

Blasting music, glowing Fluro trees that change color with the music, Technicolor tunnels and colorful fountains dancing to the music. All make up the 5k electric wonderland course that keeps participants energized and moving to the beat. Not wanting to be out partied by any other run. The Electric Run hosts a huge dance party at the end of the course where top DJs blast out the latest tunes from the main stage. Don’t even think about wearing your regular workout get-up, this run encourages its participants to get out their brightest and craziest outfits to get into the fun and lively spirit of the run and let us tell you – the crazier you dress, the more you will fit in.
These Technicolor runs are held at various locations across the UK and abroad, check out their website for more information here.

The last in our top 5, but definitely not the least. Is the wacky and wonderful The Gorilla Run.
Picture this: hundreds of sweaty Gorilla dress-alike taking over the streets of London. Sounds a little wild? Absolutely! Yeah we think so too. This wonderfully wacky race provides each of its participants with a Gorilla suite to walk, run, jog, or even dance through the 8k course. Not only does this sound like a great and sweaty time. It also raises money for a great cause, money goes towards the conservation of the last Gorillas on the planet. It looks like a good old fun day out, but be warned, this race isn’t cheap, it costs £50 to register and ever runner is expected to raise a minimum of £400 in sponsorship. However you do get to keep your gorilla suit, so I guess it seems pretty fair.
For more information check out The Gorilla Run website here.