Top Tips From the I Quit Sugar Queen!

Are you after some top tips on getting healthy and cutting that all too addictive substance, sugar, out of your diet?
Well here are some top tips on quitting sugar and staying healthy from the I Quit Sugar Queen, Sarah Wilson.

This Australian, quitting sugar queen, Sarah, is a New York Times best-selling author, blogger and wellness coach. Here are Sarah’s, not to be missed. Tips on quitting sugar and staying healthy.

Can you give three of your best tips to help people quit sugar?

1. There are three foods you can stop eating right now: fruit juice (there’s the same amount of sugar in a glass of apple juice as a glass of cola), low-fat dairy (when the fat is removed, it’s replaced with sugar in most cases) and packaged sauces (barbeque sauce is 50% sugar).
2. Eat fat! Do this: put a slice of haloumi in a sandwich press at work or home, cook and eat as an afternoon snack instead of a muffin or chocolate bar. Why? The good, healthy fat will tell your brain it’s full within about five minutes.
3. Curb cravings. Try drinking licorice tea…it tastes sweet and curbs sugar cravings on the spot.

Can you give us your tips on staying healthy?

1. Having a morning routine is crucial. It creates the pivot point from which your day can leap. It means you can get out of bed and start your day in a considered and well way.
2. The other thing would be walking. Walking is my form of transport. It means I get my exercise done. But it also ensures I have pockets in my day. When I walk to the post office, my office, to a meeting – where there’s some time to think clearly and recalibrate.  Most of us don’t need big slabs of time to recalibrate, just 5-15 mins here and there throughout the day is enough to stay on track.
Sarah’s popular book I Quit Sugar For Life is flying off the shelves for £14.99 and available here!