No Fridge or Microwave Lunch Ideas

Eating well can be tough, but it can be even more of a challenge if we don’t have access to fridges or microwaves whilst we’re working.  

Without resources to keep our food at the correct temperatures, there is a risk with certain dishes, so our list of available options is smaller, but with enough planning we can still hit our nutrition targets.

First of all, it’s worth investing in some ice packs/insulated lunch boxes.  Insulated flasks or containers are also useful to have in the cupboard.  Most will keep cold things cold, and hot things, hot, for a certain period of time.  Usually plenty long enough to leave your lunch unspoiled. 

Soups or Broths in a Flask/Insulated Container

The world really is your oyster here, whatever your favourite soup or broth is, heat it up before you leave for work.  Fill the flask/container with hot water to pre-heat.  Empty the flask/container and then pour your soup/broth in.  Keep sealed until you are ready to eat.

Veggie Bowls

Grill some of your favourite root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots or beets and store in a tub in your fridge.  Grab a tub for your lunch, add in a selection of mixed beans, chickpeas or pre-cooked rice.  You can chop tomatoes, peppers or cucumber to add to the mix and then add your pre-cooked roots.  Add dressings/seasonings to suit.  Keep sealed and then pack into your lunch bag with some ice packs until you’re ready to eat. 


Start with meat free sandwiches and wraps and see how long they stay cool for when you pack with ice. Try a wrap with hummus and grilled peppers. 


One of our favourite dishes here at InstructorLive is chickpea pittas with yoghurt!  But you may want to grab a tub of yoghurt whilst you’re out, depending on how cool your lunch bag stays.  

Drain a can of chickpeas and add a tsp of paprika, cumin and half a tsp of oregano.  Pop the mix on a baking tray and cook until crisp.  Allow to cool and then store in the fridge until you are ready to use.  

Chop up a selection of veggies, peppers, onions, cucumber – whatever you have in the fridge.  

When you’re heading to work, pop your chickpeas into a tub and a selection of your veggies.  Grab some pittas to take with you too.  

At lunch, fill your pittas with the chickpea mix and veggies.  Scoop in some greek yoghurt and enjoy!  

When trying to eat well with limited resources it can be more of a challenge, but invest in insulated lunch products and stick with foods that can be eaten cooled.  Meat and dairy free are usually better options, until you figure out how long your ice packs or insulation can keep the food at a safe temperature.