Eat Well for Less – Shopping List

It can be difficult to know where to start with food shopping on a budget. We’ve therefore taken a look at some of the best deals at some favorite supermarkets and come up with a plan for a low coast weekly shopping list. Obviously people have different preferences so this shopping list might not suit everyone but it does show that you can eat well for a little less! We’ve also provided some delicious meal suggestions below using the food from the shopping list.

£25 Budget:
– Butchers Selection Diced Chicken (260g) X 2 – £4 (Asda)
– Lean Beef Mince 250g – £2 (Asda)
– Frozen Salmon Fillets (400g) – £3
– Semi-Skimmed Milk (2 pints) – 89p
– Eggs Medium (6 Free Range) – £1.30 (Tesco)
Grains and Pulses:
– Wholegrain Brown Rice (1kg) 95p (Sainsbury’s)
– Thick Slice Wholemeal Bread – 90p (Tesco)
– Porridge Oats (1kg) – 75p (Tesco)
– Wholewheat Penne Pasta – 99p (Waitrose)
– Lentils – £1.09
– Smart price Kidney Beans 27p (Asda)
– Rice Cakes – 65p (Asda)
– Bag of 3 Mixed Peppers – £1 (Asda)
– Carrots (500g) 65p (Tesco)
– Cooking onions (1kg) – 75p (Tesco)
– Frozen Brocolli – £1 (Tesco)
– Fresh Spinach £1 (Sainsbury’s)
– Ripen at home avocados – £1.50 (Tesco)
– Italian Peeled Tomatoes (400g) 39p (Asda)
– Gala Apples – 92p (Tesco)
– Bananas – £1 (Sainsbury’s)
TOTAL = £25 (and not a penny over…I’m quite impressed I managed that!)
Some meal suggestions:
Breakfast ideas:

  • Avocado on toast
  • Poached/scrambled eggs on toast
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Porridge Oats with milk and chopped bananas and apples

Lunch and dinner ideas:

  • Beef mince chili with brown rice
  • Chicken with rice and vegetables
  • Chicken and peppers frittata
  • Penne pasta with chicken, tomatoes, and spinach
  • Salmon with brown rice and vegetables (with herbs and spices)
  • Poached salmon with lentils and salad