Top 5 Must-Have Home Workout Equipment

As a member of InstructorLive its very easy to take part in many of our classes with no equipment but investing in some at-home fitness equipment can also be beneficial.We’ve provided a list of what we think are the ‘Top Five Must-Have Home Workout Equipment’ that can help you take your workouts to the next level, add diversity to your fitness routine and make them more fun!

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells have become extremely popular. With a kettlebell you can engage your entire core and get a great all-body workout.  To find out more about the benefits of these swinging sensations and to find out some great moves to do at home see our: ‘Top Five Kettlebell Exercises to do at Home.’ Also, you can take part in a ‘Kettlebell’ class with Craig Glasgow, on-demand to learn the correct technique for safe application and to progress through sets of exercises that will get your toned and sculpted in no time!

2. Dumbells

Dumbbells are great for working out almost any part of your upper body such as your biceps, triceps, pecs and lats. It very much depends on your starting strength level as to what size dumbbells you should purchase.
The weight that you use should be relative to your strength levels, yet challenging enough to adhere to your fitness goals.
A great class to learn some fantastic dumbell exercises is ‘20 Minute Arms‘ with Saul Katz.

3. Medicine ball

This is great for people who sit a lot, and a great tool for helping prevent back pain.The movement of the ball is helpful in forcing the person to use their core muscles to adjust and sit up straight. This not only tightens the abdomen, but it also improves posture. It’s great to sit on while your watching tv too!

4. Resistance Bands

Check out last weeks post on Top 5 Benefits of Resistance Bands to find out some great advantages of these stretchy bands.They basically work out every muscle in the body, improving both strength and balance.

5. Foam Roller

We have a foam roller in the InstructorLive office and you will often find many of us rolling around the studio on it. A foam foller is a key tool for keeping muscles limber. There are many reasons and benefits to foam rolling, one major benefit being that it can prevent injuries. It smoothes and lengthens your muscles, and breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. It also helps your muscles relax and is a great thing to do after a stressful day.
You will find most of these items in good sports shops, for some of the heavier items it’s often easier to order them online (I learnt this after a trek across London with a Kettlebell).
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