Our Top Ten Mummy Blogs

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite mum blogs that we have really enjoyed reading. They have been so funny, interesting and helpful. We hope you like them too!
1. Mother’s Always Right

Writer, Molly says the title of the blog is ironic, having spent many days of motherhood wondering how to ‘do it’ let along ‘do it right.’ This blog is written in such an honest manner that we instantly fell in love with it. Mother’s Always Right is written by an ex Broadcast Journalist who now works as a features writer, editor and copywriter. Molly refers to her husband as the ‘Northern Love Machine’ and her little one as ‘Frog’. Which, I’m assuming aren’t their real names. See the picture below that was featured in one of our favorite posts: ‘Date night in the real world.’ This is such an endearing and funny blog, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

2. Modern Mum Must-Have

This blog is written by Erica Davies, a London-based stylist, fashion journalist and brand consultant (Will you be our friend?!). Who is also a mum of two. We love this blog because it highlights that just because you become a mum this doesn’t mean you have to lose your style and stop doing things that you love. Erica states: ‘Even though soft play dates have replaced nights out and accessories are more eye bags than Anya Hindmarch totes these days, it doesn’t mean I have lost my sense of style.’ This is such a great read for any mums interested in fashion with tips, interviews, advice and celeb styles galore! Erica also blogs about more general lifestyle things and kids and travel – there’s literally something for everyone.

3.Who’s The Mummy?

Who’s The Mummy is such a heartwarming blog all about a mum (Sally) and daughter (Flea) and the things they do and the fun they have. Sally and Flea’s family motto is ‘It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how.’ This blog is so full of fun and character that I dare you not to love it. Sally and Flea document their holidays, cooking, any trips they take, review products and then have a whole section for rants and rambles which discusses important issues that get you thinking about absolutely everything from life in general, love, politics and world news. This blog is such a great read!

4. Mediocre Mum

We instantly took a shine to this blog when we saw Mediocre Mum’s artwork on the homepage (see below)…so great! The tagline on the homepage is also ‘My best will have to do’ which sums up the honest and funny tone of the blog and we think it’s such a great motto. On the ‘About’ page it is stated that ‘I’m not a natural in the kitchen’ and ‘I drink too much red wine.’ If you want a truthful and refreshing account of motherhood, turning 40 and some amazing slow cooking recipes then this is the blog for you!

5. The Mummy Blogger

Charlotte Everiss writes this blog and it is all about raising her little ‘sidekick’ to take on the world with her. It’s a parenting blog about juggling motherhood where as Charlotte says, ‘the hours fly by quicker than hamsters on roller-skates.’ The blog is a mixture of personal stories, advice and competitions. This is great because you can read all about money and planning for the future on one page and then to cheer yourself up a bit and read all about some top holiday destination for kids.

6. Metropolitan Mum

Deborah stated Metropolitan Mum in 2009 and has two children and lives in London. Not just a mummy blog, Metropolitan mum writes about breastfeeding, sleepless nights but also fashion, food and travelling. A favorite blog post would have to be: ’24 weeks pregnant: hey squishy bum bum!’ We love Metropolitan Mums honest and amusing style of writing!

7. Sticky Fingers

This is such a good visual blog with beautiful photographs everywhere!. It is written by Tara Cain who was a former features editor who became a mum and decided to focus on motherhood while running a media consultancy business from home. She claims to own the world’s handsomest dog and to be honest we’d have to agree! (See below).This blog has so many great posts ranging from recipes to travel and product reviews. Also, be sure to check out Tara’s amazing photo diary.

8. Not Another Mummy Blog

Writer of Not Another Mummy Blog, Alison, describes herself as ‘chief geek’ for a women’s fashion magazine. Her blog is about everything mums are interested in. We love this blog because it focuses on interests that mums have outside of parenting such as celebrities, fashion and beauty. With great advice and such interesting articles no wonder Not Another Mummy Blog has won so many awards.

9. Pretty Little Baby

Pretty Little Baby is a lifestyle blog dedicated to showcasing pretty finds for babies and toddlers. This means, writers Kim and Jo do the hard work for you! We really love the Health and Beauty section where there is a selection of posts about fitness and health and beauty products. For example, there is some great advice on the best pregnancy sportswear for all you expectant mothers.

10. Baby On Board

A Baby on Board is all about new mum Gill’s life in London with her husband and baby Eliza. Gill posts about London. London for children and then more general motherhood and pregnancy posts – so really it’s a blog for everyone! For mums in London it will give you some great ideas for outings with your little ones and you will also relate to many of Gill’s experiences such as travelling by public transport in London with a baby.