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In general, exercise is safe for pregnant women and their baby; however, the intensity of the training will still depend on the individual.

Those who have not previously exercised should start off at a maximum of 15 minutes of low-moderate intensity aerobic activity and slowly progress to 30 minutes over time – if they feel comfortable. Ideally, 45 minutes is the maximum amount of time to exercise during pregnancy.

If there is any dizziness or nausea, bleeding or pain in the back, pelvis area or abdomen, you should stop immediately. Always consult your medical professional if you’re in doubt.

It is essential to remain hydrated during pregnancy, particularly during exercise. It is also advised to avoid hot conditions during a workout and using heavy resistance. 

Some activities should be avoided pre and immediately postnatal – lying on the back or front of the body. It can take up to a year after giving birth for the body to rebuild its strength in certain areas, so it’s really important to be patient with yourself and take things at your own pace.

Our wonderful trainers, Sam, Susan and Hester, have put together these three pregnancy-related programmes ideal for keeping fit during and after pregnancy. Each class lasts no longer than 45 minutes, and the slow, controlled nature of Pilates and Yoga makes for excellent practice when finding your new fitness groove with a baby on board!

Workouts To Help With Your Pregnancy
Post Natal Pilates (£4.99 p/m)

Through these series of exercises and breath work you will restrengthen the deep muscles within the body, in particular the pelvic floor […]

Prenatal Pilates (£4.99 p/m)

This series of Pilates classes has been designed to provide a full-body workout that is safe during pregnancy. Special exercises […]

Prenatal And Postnatal Workout (£4 p/m)

This series of classes has been designed to be appropriate for women pre and post pregnancy.By the end of this […]

Postnatal Yoga (£4.99 p/m)

This series of classes has been specifically designed for women after pregnancy. By the end of this programme you will […]