Body change in the right areas

For many of us women, the desire to improve a specific ‘problem area’ on our body is often what gets us started on exercising. That is absolutely fine – whatever gets us going is great. However, this initial motivation sometimes turns into frustration as we fail to see results in these particular areas straight away. In order for you to not lose hope and get a better understanding of why your wanted results might be a bit delayed I’ve written a little article on this.
I’m sorry to tell you this ladies, but unfortunately, you’re not able to choose where you lose fat, just as you can’t choose where you gain fat. It’s simply not possible as the area in which you’ll lose weight depends on where your body stores fat as well as your genes. That’s the bad news.
The good news is that there is a way for you to achieve your dream body! And the answer is quite simple; what you need to do is keep on exercising but instead of focussing on just one part of your body you should focus on losing weight in general. Simply include exercises that target your whole body. This will help you lose more fat and less muscle, which will help you look as lean and toned as possible.
Also, remember that it’s important to perform any type of cardio every day. Getting your heart pumping at least once a day will help you burn fat and get lean – it can be anything from taking your bike to work, going for a 30-minute walk or incorporating high-intensity training into your exercising routine.
Another thing that can help you achieve your goal efficiently is to look at what you eat. If it’s the stomach area you’d like to target then cutting down on sugar and salt, eating wholemeal carbs and snacking on almonds and other nuts is a great place to start. In general, looking at your calorie intake versus the calorie amount you expend every day is very important for fat loss.
Finally ladies, a very important thing to help you get your dream body is to give yourself credit! Measure your progress in other ways than by just looking at a number on a scale – look at pictures and see the difference, stop and sense how you feel after a workout and pad yourself an on the shoulder for working towards your goal. Don’t put yourself down for not looking like you want to look – bring yourself up because you’re working towards it!

Don’t lose hope – you will get there! It’s all about taking back control and exchanging wishing for your dream body with working for it instead.
And remember that if you need any help – we’re not far away! Many of our programmes on this platform are targeted towards weight loss so whichever level you are at, you’ll be able to find a programme that can help you achieve your goal. Also if you need a few tips to eat the right things then have a look through our motivational articles or add a meal plan to your programme.

I hope this helps you reach your goal!

Xxx Mai, team InstructorLive