“Move freely in every aspect of your life and find a union between mind, body and spirit.”


Hi I’m Mac, you’ll find me teaching a lot of the high tempo classes here on InstructorLive.

I love to add a lot of fun and energy into my classes to get you guys sweating, reaching your goals, and enjoying yourself along the way.
I’ve always had a passion for sport and my love for staying fit and healthy grew out of that. I also love the mental strength that regular exercise can give us. So if you want to get tougher physically and mentally, come check out my classes.
See you soon!

Signature Plan

The Promise – Intermediate

The Promise is a life-changing fitness programme designed by our experts to transform your body and have you feeling amazing in only 8 weeks.
The Promise is a commitment to yourself and our commitment to you. We promise that we will be with you every step of the way, we’ll provide you with everything you need to successfully complete the programme.
This is the intermediates version of the programme where we recommend you complete 4 workouts per week: Upper Body Blast, Lower Body Lean, Full Body Focus and Repertoire. If you are at a beginners or advanced fitness level, please go to those versions of The Promise that have a different numbers of workouts per week at a different intensity.
To download The Promise wallplanner, please copy and past the link below into your web browser: