“You may have been born with more genetic prowess than I have, But you cannot out DETERMINE me, You can’t out WILL me, You can’t out WALK me, You can’t out WORK me, You can’t out DESIRE me!”


The magic for me is pushing people that little bit extra so they surprise themselves about how far they can go. It’s a great feeling!

It’s simple: getting active changes in people’s lives. I feel very passionately about the positive outcomes of fitness because it helped me improve and perform throughout my career as a professional rugby player, and now I get to see that improvement in the people I train.
The good news is that you’ll always get plenty of noise and energy from me when we train together, the bad news is you’ll have to hear some of my awful jokes!
Bad jokes aside, I’ll always give you 100% when I teach so come join my classes and see how quickly you can feel the difference!

Signature Plan


This program has been specially designed for beginners; those who currently have a low fitness level or are new to exercise and for those of you who are interested in resistance styled classes. It is a 4-week program with 3 workouts per week. Using a combination of Interval training and different resistance classes, you’ll use your own bodyweight to effectively strengthen all of your major muscle groups, start developing shape and tone to those problem areas and also increase muscular endurance.
All you will need to complete this program is an exercise mat, towel, and water.