“Move freely in every aspect of your life and find a union between mind, body and spirit.”



Even before I discovered yoga, there was always a sincere wish to live in a way that is loving, truthful and full-bodied. After qualifying in New York, and now with over ten years of teaching experience, my passion is to help cultivate balance, joy, and confidence in others.
Having an open heart, full of compassion, clarity, and honesty are the principles that guide my life and my teaching.
Beth x

Signature Plan

Yoga For Intermediates

This plan is designed for those of you that:
– Have practiced yoga before or currently have a moderate fitness level
– Would like to improve your general fitness and wellbeing
– Are interested in extending your yoga practice
The plan recommends suitable classes and also provides a nutrition plan for a balanced and healthy diet.
When you select this plan it will be added to your results page where you will be able to track your progress.