“You feel like you “belong” to a community and everyone is edging you on.”


Tina is a super busy lady with a passion for interior design. She hates exercising in public, is sick to death of her fitness DVD’s and found that InstructorLive was exactly what she was looking for. Here’s her story.

Tina’s story

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A. I am the mother of twin boys now aged 25 and live very happily in East Devon with my husband and loopy rescue dog Lana. I have two fantastic stepsons aged 18 and 19, so never a dull moment! I am passionate about interior design and love having crafty projects on the go (these sometimes start and never finish!) I’m a bit of a girly girl and love makeup, fashion and anything sparkly! I like to be fit and healthy and love long country or beach walks and traveling to anywhere!  I love cooking and eating which probably doesn’t help my weight! I’m a bit of a workaholic and my to-do lists are never-ending!

Q. What’s your occupation and age?
A. I am 55 this year and have just given up a fairly long career in law, mainly land law and residential conveyancing, to pursue a less stressful and more creative life. I have just completed an interior design diploma so am hoping this will lead me down a new career path and am a co-director with my husband in a company selling telecom and business solutions.

Q. What attracted you to join InstructorLive?
A. I love to be fit, but am very self-conscious and hate doing exercise in public. Joining InstructorLive was a complete revelation for me. The whole idea is brilliant (wish I had thought of it!) to exercise in your own home with great motivational instructors and 100’s of different classes. The monthly fee was incredibly affordable too.

Q. Did you have any specific goals when you first signed up?
A. Yes, to be more toned and lose weight.

Q. What do you love most about your InstructorLive membership?
A. I can exercise wherever I want and whenever I want. I love the fact I can do a vast array of classes depending on what I want to do and the interaction with the instructors and other members is great. You feel like you “belong” to a community and everyone is edging you on. Also, the information and help you get are brilliant. Long gone are my library of DVD’s which I was sick to death of!

Q. Have you noticed any changes or results since you first joined InstructorLive?
A. Yes, I make more time to exercise and really try and fit it into my daily routine. I am definitely more toned.

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting out with InstructorLive?
A. Embrace exercise. Everyone can do something – even if you have dodgy knees or a bad back if you are a size 8 or 18. There is something for everyone and the instructors will guide you through different levels of exercise or provide a different exercise if you have a particular problem. You will feel amazing and astounded at just how quickly you become fitter and stronger. Just try.

Q. What class series or program are you working on at the moment?
A. I am in the middle of “The Promise” and loving it.  I did “The Ultimate Shred” for five weeks and then had an accident, which put me out of action for a few weeks.

Q. What did you think of the class or program?
A. I thought The Ultimate Shred was totally brilliant. It was tough and I was dubious whether someone my age and size 16 could actually do it! Pleasantly surprised and I felt toned and “stretched” in my capabilities which was good. It’s so easy just to do the same old exercises, but you do need to keep pushing yourself to get results and keep it up!! The Promise started off relatively low key but soon steps up and before you know it you are truly becoming fitter and more flexible. I like the fact it is flexible by adding extra classes for intermediate and advanced. I am pinching myself at intermediate at the moment but will start to do The 100 classes now as I really feel ready for them.

Q. At any point, do you feel like giving up? If so, what keeps you motivated and coming back from more?
A. Yes, there have been occasions where I thought, “I can’t do this”! Having said that it does become a habit and once you get your kit on and turn on your laptop, you just get on with it and then feel totally amazing afterward! I have found the Live Community a godsend and use it more now.

Q. What results have you achieved from your InstructorLive workouts, both mentally and physically?
A. I have always found exercise exhilarating and helps combat depression. Physically, I am much fitter and toned and for my age feel pretty good. I am hardly ever ill. I know I am fitter than a lot of people younger than me and that mind-set helps with the aging process!

Q. In a sentence or two, what did you get out of the class or program?
A. I have been a typical “at home exerciser”.  This means over the years I have accumulated every bit of exercise gear and DVD known to man. I have never really stuck at any exercise regime mainly due to the pressure of workload and not being motivated enough, in other words always making excuses!  InstructorLive has changed the way I think about exercise and keeps me on track. I love having an exercise buddy who urges me to keep it up!