“I love following a programme… knowing the amount of classes I need to do in any week and having that structure.”


Sarah is passionate about fitness, she manages to workout 5 times a week while juggling planning her June wedding and working as a barrister.

Sarah’s story

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A. My name is Sarah. Fitness and diet are now a major part of my life.  At school, I was always the kid that hated P.E because I felt self-conscious and didn’t have a natural ability. Now, I work out 5 times a week on average and feel really annoyed when other things get in the way and mean I miss one! I live in Staffordshire and am getting married in June, so it’s operation wedding-body all the way!

Q. What’s your occupation and age?
A. I am a barrister and am 29 years old.

Q. What attracted you to join InstructorLive?
A. I had joined gyms before, but a combination of never having really seen results from slogging it out on a treadmill and following random workouts online plus my job meaning I couldn’t always make it to the gym meant that I was keen to do something that I could do at home at a time to suit me.

Q. Did you have any specific goals when you first signed up?
A. Whilst my goals have never really been about weight-loss, I had a couple of pounds I wanted to lose in the right way. I also wanted to get into a routine that made me feel better about myself and allowed me to have a little bit more freedom with my diet without feeling like I was denying myself the whole time. In essence, I wanted to increase my metabolism and see tangible results.

Q. What do you love most about your InstructorLive membership?
A. I love following a program…..knowing the number of classes I need to do in any week and having that structure. I also love being able to post questions on the site and getting really helpful and insightful answers back. It genuinely feels that the person writing the responses cares.

Q. Have you noticed any changes or results since you first joined InstructorLive?
A. Firstly, it is the first exercise program that I have committed to and have never fallen off the wagon with. I have been a member for over a year now and have never fallen below 4 classes a week. My body is leaner, my upper body strength and fitness have improved as has the way I feel about myself generally.

Q. What advice would you give someone just starting out with InstructorLive?
A. Pick a program or a combination of programs and stick to them.  Also, give your all to every class. It would be really easy to go easy on yourself because no one can see you but the results are really worth it.

Q. What’s the most recent program you’ve completed?
A. I completed The Ultimate Shred and I’m just in week 6 of The Promise.

Q. What did you think of the program?
A. I thought The Ultimate Shred was brilliant. There was a real progression in terms of fitness throughout the weeks. This was the program where I really felt pushed and really gave me results. I felt pretty lost when it was over as it was so hardcore!

Q. At any point, did you want to give up? If so, what kept you motivated and coming back from more?
A. There are always times when some days are harder than others, but for me, the desire to keep up with the program and having a set period of time (12 weeks) really spurred me on as it felt achievable and I didn’t want to give up.

Q. What results have you achieved from the program, both mentally and physically?
A. I felt that my body shape changed and my metabolism was much improved. In some ways, it made me more dependant on InstructorLive because after I finished the program, I did not want my fitness levels or metabolism to dip from that achieved in month 3. But I feel a lot better about myself and have a lot more self-confidence about my body.

Q. In a sentence or two, what did you get out of the program?
A. A real sense of achievement and my body looking the best it has ever looked.