“It means I can do yoga in my PJs which is always a bonus.”


Sarah loves that she feels more motivated to exercise with InstructorLive, and of course the yoga in her PJs!

Sarah’s story

Q – How long have you been using InstructorLive?
A – 6 months
Q – Do you prefer to workout at home if so, why?
A – It’s much more accessible than going all the way to the gym. Plus it means I can do yoga in my PJs which is always a bonus.
Q – What made you choose InstructorLive?
A – It was simple to use, quick to set up and came highly recommended! What’s not to like? Plus it’s so convenient  – any time, any place.
Q – What’s your overall goal with exercising?
A – To stay fit and healthy. I’m not necessarily out to lose weight but just to stay healthy.
Q – Are there any particular health benefits/results that you’ve experienced?
A – It’s made me more motivated to workout because I have no excuse really – it’s all right there on my computer! Also, the diet tips and videos are really good – it’s not something I expected when I signed up so definitely an added bonus.
Q – How often do you do classes on InstructorLive?
A – I’d say twice a week normally. And I don’t tend to do them live but I’ll go back through the archives and pick out ones I like.
Q – Which are your favorite classes and why?
A – The LBD workout is fab. I’ve also found the posture class useful – I work in an office and drive a lot so it’s great to improve my seating position!
Q – Would you say you eat healthily?
A – Within reason. But there’s always the odd slip-up!
Q – Are there any areas you feel your diet should be improved?
A – Snacking is my downfall.