“I’ve made a total lifestyle change since starting InstructorLive – I’m eating healthier, sleeping better, looking after myself more and I’m much more confident.”


Rachel, the notorious project-abandoner, has finally broken her non-committal habits, is more determined than ever and is achieving amazing results. Here’s her story.

Rachel’s story

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a full-time social sciences student and will be graduating from university this summer. I’ve never been particularly fit, even though I rowed for my first couple of years at university. I had to give it up last year due to the insane amount of work I’ve had to do during my last year at Uni.

2. What’s your occupation and age?
I’m 21 and a full-time student.

3. What attracted you to join InstructorLive?
I’ve done exercise videos in the past, and whilst they’re fun the first time around, they soon get really repetitive. I loved the idea of having a different class every day, and of having some sense of progression through a program.

4. Did you have any specific goals when you first signed up?
I wanted to tone up all over and gain some muscle.

5. What do you love most about your InstructorLive membership?
I love the Live Community page. Seeing other people’s progress, and being able to talk to the instructors is awesome.

6. Have you noticed any changes or results since you first joined InstructorLive?
Everything has changed! I’ve made a total lifestyle change since starting InstructorLive – I’m eating healthier, sleeping better, looking after myself more and I’m much more confident. In terms of physical changes, I’ve definitely lost fat, I’ve gained huge amounts of muscle, and am beginning to see real muscle definition on my abs, arms, and legs. My boobs and butt are a lot perkier too!

7. What advice would you give someone just starting out with InstructorLive?
Just go for it! Take advantage of the free trial, and use the program’s tool to help you find the right program for you. I think you’ll be impressed by what you can achieve. I am a notorious project-abandoner, but with the support of the InstructorLive team, I completed the whole 3-month program and am determined to make even more progress in the future.

8. What’s the most recent program you’ve completed?
The Ultimate Shred

9. What did you think of the program?
It was really great. The best fitness experience I’ve ever had. Leigh is lovely, and her program was well thought out – it always pushed me but never pushed me so far I felt that I couldn’t do it.

10. At any point, did you want to give up? If so, what kept you motivated and coming back from more?
Week 6 was tough. I really struggled with some of the new exercises and I had a bit of a cold. It was Leigh’s encouragement that really kept me going, as well as the progress tracker on the website that reminded me of how far I’d come so far.

11. What results have you achieved from the program, both mentally and physically?
I’ve lost fat, gained muscle, toned up all over. Mentally, I’m happier, more relaxed, and sleeping better.

12. In a sentence or two, what did you get out of the program?
The Ultimate Shred kick-started my fitness journey, inspired me to make healthier choices, and proved to me that I’m capable of more than I thought. Fitness is a hobby now, not a chore!