“Jeans fit better and more loosely, dresses that I’ve kept in store for “whenever I’m skinnier” fit again and clothes that were tight fit better.”


Mariana has a busy lifestyle, travels often and was looking for a solution to help her stay fit and healthy. This is her story.

Mariana’s story

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Mariana. I’m originally from Argentina but I’ve been living in England for over 7 years. I’m hard-working, always busy, a bit mental and I’m the very lucky girlfriend of Tim.

2. What’s your occupation and age?

I’m a Transportation Manager for an online retailer and I’m 30 years old.

3. What attracted you to join InstructorLive?

I was away on a business trip and wanted to continue working out every day which I had recently picked up again. With only 40 something minutes to spare before each working day and in a country I didn’t know I didn’t think going out for a run was clever and the hotel facilities were closed that early. I did the first fit test of The Ultimate Shred by chance and thought “that was ok”. Then I ached for the rest of the week!!!

4. Did you have any specific goals when you first signed up?

Not really. I had just changed jobs and my new position wasn’t leaving me any time to work out at the gym so I wanted an alternative that would allow me to fit it into whatever time I had free.

5. What do you love most about your InstructorLive membership?

Firstly how easy it is to find something that tailors to all your needs: time, equipment, level of fitness, workout style. I love the wide offer of classes, from super HIIT to relaxing yoga. I also really like how personal it feels: the instructor is working out with you, not just showing a sample exercise and letting you do it another 50 times. It’s been really good fun.

6. Have you noticed any changes or results since you first joined InstructorLive?

Definitely. The change I noticed was not so much in weight but in inches. I didn’t measure myself but I can tell from my clothes. Jeans fit better and more loosely, dresses that I’ve kept in store for “whenever I’m skinnier” fit again and clothes that were tight fit better. I’ve also changed, and I think this part is the most important, my attitude towards my body. I’ve never been huge but I’ve never been happy with my body. I always wanted to be skinnier. Even when I already was which led to a few health issues. I went through different stages in my life where I stopped caring and ballooned up and then got depressed and obsessed and starved myself or spent too many hours at the gym doing whatever was available at the cost of spending time with friends and loved ones. I’ve learned to manage time for fitness by working out really hard for shorter periods of time, having a healthier diet and most importantly aiming to be strong and healthy more than unattainably skinny.

7. What advice would you give someone just starting out with InstructorLive?

Find a class that you enjoy. That is really important. If you are like me and can only deploy a small amount of time a day or every other day to working out, make sure its a reward and not a burden. Then stick to it. Nothing worth having comes quickly.

8. What’s the most recent program you’ve completed?

The Ultimate Shred

9. What did you think of the program?

It was really good. It carefully built upon stamina, resistance, and endurance. I worked out muscles I didn’t even know I had and it really helped me with upper body strength without disregarding cardio. It presented a challenge every time.

10. At any point, did you want to give up? If so, what kept you motivated and coming back from more?

Not totally give up but I had weeks when I couldn’t work out every day, or days when I wasn’t feeling great or was too tired or too busy or whatever happened that prevented me from working out that day. It didn’t take me 3 months, it took me approx 5. I failed some days, some days I didn’t work out at all, some days I felt I did a class with minimal effort so I did it again the day after. I think it’s important to understand that these things will happen and that you can still succeed if you carry on.

11. What results have you achieved from the program, both mentally and physically?

I think a great gain is to know that I can do certain exercises which I never thought possible before!

12. In a sentence or two, what did you get out of the program?

A better figure, a better mindset, better love for my body, better choices.